EURO 2020 Phenomenon Swiss Fan Luca Loutenbach, Advertising and Sponsorship Offers Are Raining

EURO 2020 Phenomenon A new phenomenon was born in EURO 2020, as Swiss Fan Luca Loutenbach Started Receiving Advertising and Sponsorship Offers.

Advertising and Sponsorship Offers Raining for Swiss Fans, the Phenomenon of EURO 2020.

Swiss supporter Luca Loutenbach, who signed one of the most viral moments of EURO 2020, has become one of the most famous names in his country. Many brands are currently trying to make Loutenbach the face of their advertisements. Some companies have even begun to offer sponsorship to Loutenbach.

Offers are pouring in for the Swiss fan who went viral at EURO 2020!

EURO 2020 Phenomenon Swiss Fan Luca Loutenbach Advertising and Sponsorship Offers Are Raining

The Swiss fans, who were ecstatic and viral in the stands during the match between Switzerland and France, are faced with a huge rain of offers as well as being famous.

The Swiss fans, who have become one of the symbolic names of EURO 2020, became a phenomenon when the images of the France match went viral on social media.

Switzerland, which eliminated France on penalties in the last 16 rounds, advanced to the quarter-finals, while the images of a fan named Luca Loutenbach in the stands were on the agenda of the sports public.

Loutenbach, who was seen in tears and sadness as Switzerland was left behind, was photographed half-naked and happily mad as the score went from 3-1 to 3-3 with 9 minutes left.

While this emotional change of Swiss fans was on the agenda on social media, thanks to the viral fame, Swiss Air was offered Russia an offer to advance to the quarter-finals as ‘Business Class’.

According to Marca’s report, it was learned that Red Bull wanted to make a business deal with the fans and that the Swiss government was in talks with Loutenbach for the Covid-19 vaccine campaign. In addition, the Swiss Tourism Office has sent Loutenbach a holiday offer after EURO 2020.

Loutenbach, the instantly famous Swiss fan, told Blizzard, “I tried to take off my jersey during the goal, but my glasses blocked it. So I took it out after a few seconds and then the goal relieved me a lot. My reaction was actually because in the first half I really started to believe we were in the present. And from that moment on, I felt like we were losing everything. I believed we would miss a great chance to make history. And then our comeback was such a surprise that it was the best moment I’ve ever had.”

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