Fake Devices Are Sent To Ledger Customers!


ledger scam

Ledger customers receive fake devices sent by mail by scammers who want to steal their cryptocurrencies. A user on Reddit reported that he received a suspicious packet allegedly sent by Ledger. The package contained a letter stating that the user had to replace the existing wallet for security reasons. As it is known, Ledger has previously faced a customer data leak scandal. Criminals are probably using this information to orchestrate this plan.

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Scammers are reportedly sending fake hardware wallets to Ledger customers to steal private words. According to the statements of a Reddit user, he received a Ledger Nano X that was launched as if it was sent by Ledger. The package also included a letter stating that their current wallet had been seized.

This letter emphasized that the user should replace their current wallet with a new one. reported:

“We sent you a new device for security purposes, you must upgrade to a new device to stay safe. Inside your new box is a guide you can read to learn how to set up your new device.”

The package reportedly includes instructions to set up the new cryptocurrency wallet with the private key. However, upon further inspection, the hardware wallet that was posted was a modified version of the original Nano X. Also, this modified wallet contained a number of different links inside the device.

Mike Grover, a security consultant, spoke with Bleepingcomputer about the fake wallet. Grover explained:

“This looks like a simple flash drive hooked up to Ledger for some kind of malware delivery.”