Famous Billionaire Steven Cohen: I Have Completely Converted To Crypto



Point72 Asset Management boss Steve Cohen said in an interview with Stray Reflections founder Jawad Mian that he has completely converted to crypto.

“I completely turned to crypto. You have to pay to learn. There is no other way. You can talk all you want, but you have to get into the game.”

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Cohen, whose net worth is stated to be 14 billion dollars, claims that he does not care about the price of Bitcoin (BTC) because no one knows when it will rise.

Despite the crypto market cap reaching $2.5 trillion in May, Cohen believes it’s still early.

“I will not miss this. I missed the first episode, but I still feel like I’m not too late.”

Wall Street Giants Are Increasingly Interested In Crypto

Cohen’s positive comments on cryptocurrencies are not surprising. Last month, Bloomberg stated that his firm is ready to enter the industry.

Currently, famous investors do not have a clear approach to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world. However, recent statements show that the future is bright.

Many Wall Street names have already entered the world of cryptocurrencies. Last week, hedge fund legend Paul Tudor Jones said he wants to invest five percent of his assets in Bitcoin. Another Wall Street figure, Stanley Druckenmiller, “strongly” recommended the leading cryptocurrency last month while questioning the future of Ethereum.