Famous Trader Believes Binance Coin (BNB) and Four Crypto Assets Will Continue to Rise



Crypto strategist and trader Scott Melker stated that Binance Coin (BNB) and four crypto assets are showing bullish signals.

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Melker expresses to his followers in a new strategy session that he believes Binance’s token could increase by over 80% from its current value of $ 542.18. According to Melker, the target is the $ 1000 level.

“Guess the target. 1000 dollars.”

The trader is also watching the development of the blockchain scaling solution Polygon (MATIC), which it says will continue its uptrend.

“The volume is increasing again. This is ridiculous. However, there is a fundamental reason for this. A ton of TVL has been on and people are using it. Layer 2 solves the problems. I mean it’s crazy. “

Another DeFi prophet on Melker’s radar is Polkastarter. According to the trader, Polkastarter has started a big uptrend.

“Polkastarter looks great. The volume is increasing and may increase even more. It should definitely increase more. “

Automated market maker SushiSwap (SUSHI) is also on Melker’s list. The crypto analyst states that the asset is targeting an all-time high of $ 23.40.

“Sushiswap got a good start. Now I can say you want this to be over $ 18,346. Otherwise, it can be purchased for $ 15,170. “

The last cryptocurrency on the trader’s list is the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK). Melker says Chainlink is showing a bullish trend against Bitcoin (LINK / BTC) as it is rising from its current value of 0.00085 to 0.001, then to 0.0012 and 0.0016.

“Looks great. Came here (0.00037), retested and seems ready to go up. LINK looks good. Seems ready to go. It looks pretty good. ”