Fenerbahce Makes Cryptocurrency Plans


ali koc kripto para ffenerbahce

According to a news in Sözcü, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç determined an economy program for 3 seasons. Within the scope of this program, it has been announced that digital investments will be trended. Cryptocurrencies are also among the investments mentioned.

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According to Koç’s goal, digital investments will be one of the new sources of income for the yellow and dark blue team. These investments include new projects such as crypto assets and online mobile payments, and they are aimed to be implemented. According to the report, Fenerbahçe wants to earn a total of 100 million TL from digital investments.

There Were Allegations About the Meetings

In March, we announced to you that there are allegations that Fenerbahçe is meeting with several companies. According to the statements of journalist Suat Vilgen, Fenerbahçe was negotiating with several companies for its own crypto money.