Frequently Asked Questions About BombCrypto Game

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Bomb Crypto started gaining popularity as a play-to-win (P2E) NFT game launched in September 2021 by Vietnamese developer Senspark.

BombCrypto is one of the most interesting NFT games for those who are interested in the GameFi world.

In this topic, we will share information about frequently asked questions about the game and try to inform those who are interested.

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What is BombCrypto Game?

Bomb Crypto is a play-to-win (P2E) NFT game launched in September 2021 by Vietnamese developer Senspark. The game is clearly inspired by the famous Bomberman. Players must manage a group of hero bombs programmed to fight monsters, but above all, earn rewards in a medieval fantasy world. Heroes make their way through a maze filled with gems to explode. The app’s native token, BCOIN or Bombcrypto, is the loot of this treasure hunt.

In its most abstract form, it is a browser-based NFT game project. After registering for the game, users log in to the game at with their Metamask wallet and connect their account. To start playing, he creates characters called Hero and manages his characters in different game modes in the game.

Bomb Crypto is a Play-Win-type cryptocurrency game where players manage a group of Cyborg bomb heroes programmed to seek BCOINs and fight monsters.

Each bomb hero has different stats, if you are lucky, you can find bomb heroes with good stats to sell or upgrade to increase performance and combat ability.

Each bomber hero is an NFT that increases ownership and tradability, you can also hunt other NFT items like decorations.

Is BombCrypto Game Free to Play?

BombCrypto game is not free-to-play. You must be a Hero owner to start the game.

What is Bcoin?

Bcoin is short for Bomber Coin. Bomber Coin is a token used in the BombCrypto game.

On Which Blockchain Does BombCrypto Game Run?

The game runs on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) blockchain network.

How to play BombCrypto?

The game is available as a web application and is played with an updated browser. You need to have at least 10 Bcoins to buy a “bomber hero” in order to start playing. One Bcoin is trading at €0.062 at the time of this writing. Here is the procedure to follow:

  • Download MetaMask and login to Binance Smart Chain or create a wallet.
  • Buy BUSD and send it to your wallet.
  • Link your wallet to Pancake Swap and exchange your BUSD for Bcoin.
  • Connect your Metamask wallet to Bomb Crypto site and start playing.

It’s also possible to get a hero from rescue missions, but the odds are pretty low. The last option is to buy a hero from the peer-to-peer market.

Therefore, each hero is a special NFT that users can buy, upgrade and sell to earn more Bcoins. Each has its own stats that determine their categories (Strength, Bomb Range, Stamina, Speed, Bomb, and Ability), their rarity, and therefore their starting value.

Eventually it’s possible to sacrifice one hero to improve the other, this will gain a level later in the game and gain value as an NFT. This feature has not been very popular with users until now. It seemed more interesting to keep 2 level 10 heroes rather than just one level 11.

Launch of Amazon Survival Mode and rise in Bcoin

But as planned in the game’s roadmap, a new game mode should come to light this month. The team confirmed yesterday on Telegram that the “Amazon Survival” mode has been launched. Check out some of the new features introduced in this game mode:

  • A new economic mechanism that includes the addition of Sen, the local icon of Senspark, as a reward.
  • 600% increase in chest value.
  • Removal of the ROI/Nerf calculation formula system from this mode.

In terms of gameplay, the heroes will be sent to the Amazon rainforest, where natural disasters can occur. If your hero encounters a disaster during his mission, he will instantly run out of energy and be put to rest.

The team also planned the launch of a new hero type that is 100% resistant to these disasters. It also brings the possibility of creating a new “superhero” by combining at least 5 heroes. Finally, it will be possible to repair disaster-proof equipment by burning at least one hero.

Following this announcement of the launch of the Amazon mode, SEN and BCOIN prices have risen significantly. Thus Senspark dropped from €0.029 to €0.119, now to €0.066 and Bombcrypto from €0.038 to €0.082, now to €0.062.

Can Money Be Made With BombCrypto Game?

The project of the game promises to provide you with income according to the investment you make in the game, but there is an issue that needs attention here. Evaluates your investment over “Bcoin”. In other words, how many Bcoins you have deposited is the Bcoin you have deposited, which promises you a return (ROI).

For example, when you deposit Bcoin in the game when Bcoin is 10 dollars, and when you recover these Bcoins from the game, if the price of Bcoin melts down to $ 1, your investment in dollar terms may have been damaged 10 times. The game does not take any responsibility in this regard, because what it promises is a return of winnings in its own cryptocurrency. The price increase and decrease there are entirely related to the risks that the users themselves take.

What is BombCrypto ROI?

ROI is short for Return of Investment. It means return on investment.

We make an investment to be able to play the BombCrypto game. We should treat this investment as a “BCOIN” alone and alone. How many Bcoins we have deposited, the ROI is calculated on it. In other words, ROI in BombCrypto is the event of recovering the BCoin we invested in the game.

What Are BombCrypto ROI Ratios?

There are some rates for the return on our investment in the game. The ROI rate determined by the BombCrypto game is 200%. Due to the intense reactions of users to the new “nerf” update at the time of writing, this rate has been temporarily determined as 300%, but it will return to 200% again afterwards.

What is Nerf in BombCrypto Game?

The game gradually spreads the process of bringing the investor of the 200% ROI determined as the ROI over a long period by applying the “Nerf”, that is, “Reduction” system.

  • Nerf rate for 0%-50% return: 20%.
  • Nerf rate for return for 50-100%: 25%.
  • For 100-150%: 60%
  • It is 80% for 150-200%.
  • Nerf rate after 200% ROI: 97%.

Let’s say you invested 1000 Bcoin in the game. In this case, in order to get 50% back (500 Bcoin), 20% Nerf is applied to the excavations made by your Heroes in the game. So, until you earn the first 500 Bcoins, you will be subject to a 20% profit reduction.

Between 500-1000 Bcoins, this rate becomes 25%.

When you mine 1000 Bcoins, the applied deduction rate increases to 60%. While you used to dig 100 per day, for example, now you can dig 40 with the same labor. This reduction continues until you get 1500 Bcoins.

Between 1500-2000 Bcoin, 80% reduction is applied. When digging 100, you start digging 20. When 2000 Bcoins are completed, the deduction rate will be 97% and it will be very difficult for you to mine anymore.

What is the Purpose of Implemented Nerf?

The main goal of the BombCrypto game is that the users who come to the game own the game and value it. Therefore, it returns the investment to the people who have invested in the game, quickly or slowly according to the power of the Heroes it has obtained.

However, if the players prefer to take the Bcoins they have earned and walk away, if they do not decide to continue in the game, it prevents them from having endless income in the game. In this way, it protects the investments of users who value the game.

With the latest 97% Nerf update, all the desires and wishes of people who invest once and have a lifetime income expectation have been dealt a big blow. Because these people preferred to exchange their Bcoins immediately after recovering the Bcoins they deposited in the game and get away from the game money. Afterwards, with 97% Nerf, when the free Bcoins they kept digging in the game disappeared, many of them counterattacked the game.

However, investors who value the game and think that the game will be in a better place in the future, invested the Bcoins they obtained as a result of their investments in the game, and went to strengthen their characters and other items in the game.

Because they re-invested in the game, they were not affected by the 200% Nerf event and went back to the ROI process for their new investment. This cycle will continue for anyone who continues to value the game. If the investment in the game is abandoned and Bcoins are disposed of instead of being put into the game, the game will not provide free income to those who do so after 200% ROI.

In summary. The purpose of Nerfs is to make the game a long-term project and to reveal the difference between users who value the game and those who do not. It is to prevent those who do not value from exploiting the game for free, to protect the users who value it.

Is BombCrypto Game a Trustworthy Game?

Since the crypto money markets are largely unregulated and not subject to laws, no project can be approached as “reliable”. BombCrypto game also gets its share from this situation. Being aware of every risk, you should enter the game by taking these risks into account, and you should not put into the game the amounts that you will regret if you lose.

How to Get BCOIN?

BCoin can be purchased through PancakeSwap. For this purchase, we first need to send crypto money to our crypto wallet, which we will connect to PancakeSwap. For example, let’s examine together the answer to the question of how to get BCOIN as a Binance user.

  1. We must have BNB in ​​our Binance account.
  2. We must have a crypto wallet where we can transfer the BNBs we have. (Continued from the Metamask example.)
  3. We need to transfer BNB to our Metamask crypto wallet.
  4. After the crypto transfer to the Metamask wallet is complete, we must log in to PancakeSwap.Finance and connect our Metamask wallet.
  5. After connecting the wallet, we need to open the swap transactions section, select our BNBs at the top, and add the BCoin to the bottom. If it does not appear when searched by name, we must add the BCoin smart contract code and complete the transactions.
  6. Let’s determine the amount we want to buy and finalize the swap process.

How to Play Bomb Crypto?

Far, far away from Earth, there was a peaceful country called Bomberland, where its inhabitants lived extremely peacefully and happily.

But one day, an evil force came to invade Bomberland.

He burned forests, destroyed houses, arrested people and stole the public property BCOIN.

To bring peace to the country, the kingdom’s scientists have created heroic bombers so they can assemble a team to save BCOIN and the people while the evil forces destroy their supporters.

And of course, no experiment went smoothly.

Scientists have experienced many failures.

They realized that bomber heroes would have different rarity levels depending on their formula amount.

Infrequency; It is hierarchical between Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic to Legend, and the higher the rarity, the higher the success rate.

5 Characteristics of the Characters

  • Power : Bomb’s destruction power
  • Bomb Range : The length when the bomb explodes
  • Stamina : Hero’s energy ( Stamina : Hero’s energy )
  • Speed ​​: Movement Speed
  • Bomb : The number of bombs can be placed
  • Ability : Random strength ( Ability : Random power )

This power stat of each bomber hero will be different. The higher the rarity, the higher these 5 power stats will be.


He is the first character to appear in Bomberland’s bomb hero.

  • With the blood of a loyal knight who has served to protect the land of Bomberland since ancient times.
  • With a sharp sword in hand and a spiked iron armor, Henricus conducted countless battles as well as technical upgrades for scientists.
  • A chip has been implanted in his brain so he can analyze his opponent’s movement and always strike deadly blows.
  • It is also an indestructible shield that protects team members.
  • “Stay behind me, I will lead you to victory,” he said.

𝐁𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐠 — 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐠

The cutest bomber hero in the Bomberland squad.

  • The murder of the bully frog’s family by evil forces begins with tragedy. Bully Frog is determined to join the research of Bomberland scientists.
  • Gradually, bully frogs are evolving more and more and they are no longer normal frogs.
  • Its long tongue and long jump ability are two weapons that defeat enemies from long range.
  • Bully Frog will be a key factor in his journey to save the land and restore justice for the family
  • – Bully once said: “Frogs, ribs, ribs!!!!!”


  • Cute witch – Magic Yaga in Bomber Hero army has powers from ancient magic book and modern sidekick from costumes.
  • Magic Yaga can control matter and explode things with his powers.
  • With a heart full of sacrifice and courage, Magic Yaga is one of the key members of the Bomber hero team.
  • Magic Yaga awoke due to a storm.
  • “Argh…” he snarled as he walked up the stairs to the attic.
  • He would spend most of his nights there. If he could be productive, sleeping was never a good opportunity for him.
  • Over the years he had become immune to lightning and thunder.
  • But he missed a lot of sleep.

Getting Characters in BombCrypto

  1. Rescue Heroes

Users can obtain new characters through rescue missions.

On some maps it is very rare for users to encounter a prison block that locks a bomb hero. After completing the rescue mission, players will receive a damaged hero that needs to be rescued for a while before they go wild again.

Note that prison blocks can only be found in Treasure Hunt Mode. The rate of prison blocks has a time limit.

  1. Character Purchase

Users can purchase bomber heroes from the in-game store using BCOIN, but the number of heroes in stock is very limited. New heroes need time to heal, just like the rescue case.

  1. Auction

There is a P2P (user to user) marketplace that gives users the chance to buy and sell NFT products as well as bomber heroes themselves. This will help users earn profits in the play-to-win era and will also increase their gaming assets and liquidity.

BCOIN is the only payment currency in this market.

What are Game Modes?

Treasure Hunt Mode

In Treasure Hunt Mode, players can send bomber heroes to mining areas and have them plant bombs to destroy blocks to find BCOINs.

These heroes can work automatically without the need for players to be there all the time, which helps players get plenty of time to do other quests.

The hero also consumes energy each time a bomb is placed.

When his energy is depleted, the hero enters a resting state to recharge his energy.

If you buy a home, it will increase the charging speed.

Story Mode

Players choose a bomber hero of their own to participate in each level in Story mode.

The player has to destroy all the monsters to pass each level.

Breaking blocks and killing monsters also gives players a chance to drop BCOINs.

Entering a level also requires the energy of the bomber hero. Therefore, if there is not enough energy, the hero cannot be selected to participate in any level.

You will also lose energy if a monster touches you during the game. If the hero’s energy reaches zero, you will lose the battle.

Additionally, the game has dramatic boss battles that give you lots of interesting NFT rewards.

Battle Mode

In battle mode, players engage in a bomb war to fight against other players.

To participate, players not only need a certain type of energy, but also have to pay a certain amount of coins as an entry fee, which will later be used as a reward.

The final winner gets most of the losers’ tokens.

How to play Bomb Crypto?

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