FuturSelf Shows How We Can Be Happy With Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence Has Been Developed To Show How We Can Be Happy and this program can be used by anyone for free.

Deep Longevity and Harvard researchers have developed artificial intelligence models to take a machine learning approach to mental health. It was stated that these models can help improve mental health.

The development of artificial intelligence technologies continues unabated. These systems are expected to help us in many ways in the future and make our lives easier. Now, a collaboration between tech company Deep Longevity and researchers from Harvard is revealing how machine learning can be used in mental health.

Publishing a study on the subject, experts created two digital human psychology models based on data from studies conducted in the United States. These models can provide us with information and suggestions on many issues that concern us all.

Artificial intelligence can suggest the shortest way to be happy


The first model, consisting of neural networks, can predict the age and psychological well-being of respondents over 10 years using information from a psychological survey. More specifically, this system can describe how the human mind changes as we age. The model also suggests that the importance given to personal development decreases with age, and the sense of having a purpose in life disappears after 40-50 years. Such findings can provide researchers with important data on subjects such as adult personality development.

The second model can be defined as a ‘recommendation engine’ for mental health. This algorithm divides participants into clusters based on their probability of developing depression and determines the shortest path for individuals to become mentally better. If we simplify, it is possible to say that the artificial intelligence model can find the shortest path for people to be happy.

To demonstrate the potential of this system, Deep Longevity has launched FuturSelf, a free online service that allows people to do the specified psychological test for free. As a result of the evaluation here, it is stated that the participants can receive a report and recommendations selected by artificial intelligence that will help improve their mental health in the long term.

Harvard researcher Prof. Vadim Gladyshev also comments on FuturSelf: “This study offers an interesting perspective on psychological age, risk of future depression, and demonstrates the use of a machine learning approach to psychological problems. It also shows us how we view things like ‘aging’, with data on life stages and our emotional state.”


FuturSelf is a remarkable AI model of human brain research that gauges your mental age and makes a customized way towards long haul bliss.


We intend to make a help that offers most extreme personalization to our clients. Just anonymized information is gathered to additionally foster FuturSelf.


FuturSelf is web administration in light of the consequences of a scholarly exploration project distributed in a companion surveyed diary.

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