Galatasaray Earns Over 100 Million TL Income From GAL Fan Token



Galatasaray Sports Club announced that it has earned over 100 million TL from $ GAL fan tokens.

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Galatasaray earned a significant income in the second quarter of 2021 with the performance of the $ GAL Fan Token. The $ GAL, which was offered at a price of 10 TL on the mobile app in February 2020, was first opened at Chiliz, then Paribu, and finally at OKEx. The $ GAL’s 24-hour trading volume broke a record on May 15, exceeding $ 220 million. $ GAL Fan Token generated over 100 million TL in revenue in one season. The largest demand for the $ GAL token came from other countries, from France, Poland, Italy, Germany and Japan.

The supply of GAL token is limited to 10,000,000 units. The tokens allowed the fans to be the decision maker by voting on the team’s exit anthem, the door design of the locker room, and the color of Muslera’s glove. $ GAL fan token holders have also won many unique awards in the app, including VIP match tickets, signed jerseys, and Muslera’s signature gloves.