Gaming Giant Razer Explores Cryptocurrency Industry



Gaming giant Razer is exploring the cryptocurrency industry. According to CEO Tan Min-Liang, the gaming giant is considering potential entry into the crypto space.

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Singaporean-American gaming firm Razer is currently considering entering the cryptocurrency space. At the company’s annual general meeting earlier today, Tan said that his company’s user base is interested in digital assets. However, Razer still has reservations about the industry’s environmental impact and graphics cards:

“Our user base is interested in crypto – but we are concerned about GPUs and its impact on the environment. But it’s definitely something we’re currently investigating.”

Still, it is “unlikely” for Razer to issue its own cryptocurrency, but Tan claims it can accept “one or more” cryptocurrencies for its hardware and services. Saying that he personally studied about various cryptocurrencies, Tan added that the crypto space is still in its early days.

In 2018, Razer began offering virtual rewards in exchange for idle processing power used for its cryptocurrency mining project.