distributes $120,000 to celebrate 9 years

Written By Eleman has created a $120,000 prize pool to celebrate 9 years. has created a prize pool for its investors to celebrate 9 years.

The event called Gold Casting Game with a prize of 120 thousand dollars has started. Those who become a member of the Gate exchange and recommend new investors will be rewarded.

Celebrate Gateio’s 9th Anniversary Get your share of the $120,000 prize distributes 120000 to celebrate 9 years exchange has created a large prize pool for its investors to celebrate 9 years. The prize pool of the Gate exchange reached thousands of users on Twitter in a short time., one of the most popular names among crypto currency exchanges, is waiting for you with a big prize pool event. is one of the longest-running secure exchanges in the world, and over time it has surpassed 10 million users worldwide. To mark this milestone, the exchange launched a rebrand and a $9,000,000 prize draw. Read on to find out what made so successful and what the team has prepared for users as part of its 9th anniversary. 9 years of adventure, which is one of the first crypto money exchanges established in 2013 based in China, has become an altcoin exchange with an increasing awareness in the sector with its innovations in 2017. Cryptocurrency exchange, which is traded on more than 180 crypto currency pairs, is one of the reliable exchanges with an important place in terms of transaction volume., which has a strong trading engine, differs from other exchanges in terms of security layers. In addition to the variety of cryptocurrencies, the stock market prioritizes the user experience, and with this feature, it is a stock market that affects the preference of its users more.

To answer the question of why is reliable, perhaps it is necessary to put forward the Gate Chain network that it has the most. This network has a unique on-chain vault feature created with the sole purpose of ensuring security.

Gate Chain, created against cyber attacks, minimizes the risk of piracy. Users can create payment accounts, redemption accounts and revocable block periods to keep their assets safe. This affects the 100% guarantee of assets.

Another key feature that distinguishes from other cryptocurrency exchanges is the ability to create sub-accounts. In other words, you can manage your assets with different accounts by creating a new sub-account in addition to your existing account.

Bringing the “fund password” feature in addition to the security standards of the exchanges, requests a fund password in case of transactions after a certain period of time, with this feature. This prevents hackers from easily transacting from an account that has been compromised. The fund password is also used for withdrawals and investments.

Ninth Anniversary Celebration distributes 120000 to celebrate 9 years

To mark’s ninth anniversary, the ninth anniversary celebration will kick off in mid-May. Alongside a series of celebrations for users, the brand will also receive a major update. will uncover a redid brand character for its logo, trademark, and variety plot, mirroring the finish of nine years of computerized resource development since established in 2013. has developed to offer a more comprehensive, incorporated, and extraordinary involvement in an abundance of computerized resource administrations for north of 10 million clients. The rebranding likewise denotes the start of another part for in the quickly advancing and developing crypto economy, which regularly sees the stage arrive at the second-biggest day to day exchanging volume the world.

Close by its new image personality, will send off an eminent update to its portable application that will permit clients to decide on a “Light App” variant inside its lead application, offering smoothed out and streamlined in-application exchanges for crypto exchanging of in excess of 1,400 coins, tokens, and other computerized resources. Furthermore, the Lite App’s cleaner, more easy to understand interface makes it much simpler for new and existing clients to contribute and exchange rapidly and effectively as they can get to a set-up of elements for various crypto resources in a hurry.

To start off the ninth birthday celebration merriments, clients can participate in a progression of energizing challenges and advancements, with a sum of US$ 9,000,000 in prizes. The Gold Bar crusade on Twitter, which dispatches on May eighteenth, allows partaking clients the opportunity to win an award pool worth US$50,000 in tokens, and one fortunate champ will win a 999 gram 999.9 gold bar. will likewise be facilitating NFT and exchanging challenges for its clients as a feature of the festivals.

How to be able to play?

  1. Sign in to Twitter account and follow @gate_io to get a projecting opportunity;
  2. Register a account and complete KYC to get a projecting capability;
    Gold Bar Casting
  3. Click [Cast Now], on the off chance that the client finishes 100 percent on the double, the client will actually want to guarantee the award of a 999 grams 999 Gold Bar.
  4. Click [Cast Now], assuming that the client’s projecting interaction is intruded on by other users(less than 100 percent), the client will neglect to get the gold bar.
  5. Complete our Gold Casting Game in 1 proceed to guarantee a 999 gram 999 Gold Bar immediately! Initial one to cross the end goal wins!

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