Great danger in the clubhouse! Many people uploaded it, including Elon Musk

Clubhouse is one of the social media channels that have been on the agenda recently. Elon Musk also recently joined the Clubhouse application, which allows access only by invitation. However, there is a great danger behind it.

Clubhouse was founded by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. It is an invitation-only social networking application that includes voice chat. It is valued at approximately US $ 100 million as of December 2020.

Elon Musk, the richest name in the world, recently entered the Clubhouse application and made a statement. The interest in Clubhouse, which works with the invitation system, has recently increased with famous names and then Musk using the application. However, there is a serious problem with implementation.


Experts Warned About Clubhouse

Clubhouse, which was established in 2020, is only used by iOS users with an invitation system. Upon invitation, users download the application to their phones and enter the rooms created for certain subjects and establish voice communication.


However, the application is not yet used in androids. On the other hand, it is seen that there are fake applications named Clubhouse in android markets. In some applications, its name, image and features are combined. This way, users fall into the Clubhouse trap.

When users write Clubhouse in the Google PlayStore, there are multiple Clubhouse options. It also seems that one of them uses a real Clubhouse image.

These applications, which thousands of people download to their phones, reveal themselves from the comments section. You encounter many people’s complaints in the comments. In the comments, it is seen that the users mistaking the real Clubhouse warned other users.


Clubhouse Alpha Exploration Co. It was founded by the software company in 2020. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Clubhouse progresses by communicating with voice communication in chat rooms, not video or photo sharing. It is imperative to receive an invitation from a user using the application.

With the popularity of the Clubhouse app, it reached a market value of one billion dollars on January 21, 2021.

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