Thursday, January 6

Grocery shopping website posts this deceptive ad. You’d have to squint to read that it’s actually a hiring ad, and they’re not accepting Bitcoin

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Grocery shopping website posts this deceptive ad. You’d have to squint to read that it’s actually a hiring ad, and they’re not accepting Bitcoin


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  • Beatz106

    I do not see the deceit anywhere, unless you are one of those guys who got tied up in the world of Bitcoin and defend the system tooth and nail. I see it as a classic advertising strategy to attract the attention of a certain group of people (There may be a sign that says “Here we give iPhones”, you can exchange “iPhones” for beer, televisions, cars, cash and the result will be the same, attract attention and make people see if the ad is real or not)

  • eqka

    Good old “Lie in big letters and then cover your ass in the fine print” scam. The law’s biggest weakness.

  • 3shizzle

    I’d send them a kickass CV with not asking much, and then have on the last page in the footer written in small print “now that I have your attention, go fuck yourselves with such ads”

  • astheriae

    *Image Transcription: Advert*



    ^Now ^that ^we ^have ^your ^attention, ^we ^are ^hiring ^kickass ^engineers.

    ^^Also, ^^we ^^are ^^NOT ^^accepting ^^Bitcoins ^^yet.

    [*There are links to their careers website, plus an email address.*]

    ^^I’m a volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you’d like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](

  • parthpalta

    Fuck Grofers

    They never delivered to my sector.

    I live 200m away from Delhi border for fucks sake. It’s been years.

    Big basket all the way.!

  • N2nalin

    Can sense self pats on the back for coming up with such a “clever” ad…..”Damn my talents!”

  • ImBenBenis

    The guy who thought of this tossed his legs up on his desk and put his hands behind his head after this went live and thought to himself “fuck, I’m a genius we will get so many quality applicants”

  • PetrKDN


    ^(now that you have our attention you fucking suck dick)

    ^(And, no, you are NOT a great company)

  • FloPinguin

    Even if they would accept btc it would be idiotic. You have to pay high transaction fees with btc.

  • balthisar

    How is it deceptive? All of the information that you need to know is right there, in the ad. “Deception” is when they leave out the small print, you fill your shopping cart, attempt to pay for your merchandise with bitcoin, and are rejected.

    Or maybe you’re just a stupid idiot if something like this truly deceives you. If that’s the case, I can increase your intelligence for 0.10 bitcoin. Let me go look up my wallet address…

  • VolcanicBear

    Yeah that’s some serious asshole design, but if you’ve gotta squint to ready that then you seriously need glasses mate.

    Maybe your nearest optometrist will (not) accept bitcoin too!

  • Gizogin

    Any company that wants to hire people, particularly engineers, who are excited about Bitcoin is not going to get competent staff.

  • that_baddest_dude

    Kind of a decent ad, IMO. Using Bitcoin as currency is dumb and pointless, but the kind of people who would give a shit at all would maybe be engineers.

    This isn’t really any more asshole design than


    Other than the fact that all advertising is a non-consensual psyop and therefore evil, ya know.

  • nerdychick22

    Everyone talks about false advertising, but except for canada dry ginger ale I can’t remember the last time someone was charged for it.

  • TheGreatUdolf

    the sentence “we accept bitcoin” would be a reason for me to set them onto my personal shitlist

  • dalepmay1

    There should be a law that if an ad contains contradicting statements in different font sizes, the largest font size takes precedence. Then you sue the shit out of them for false advertising and deceptive sales tactics.

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