Gürcan Kelleci: “Container usage has increased by 300 percent in the last 5 years.”


Online and free of charge Webrazzi Developer 2021 our activity continues at full speed. At the event GlassHouse Cloud Business Unit Manager Gürcan Kelleci, Container Technologies: Key to Digital Transformation He detailed the managed container services with his speech.

Kelleci, who started his speech with the results of research focusing on container services, stated that the use of containers in the production environment has increased by 300% in the last 5 years. Kelleci also touched on the factors that force companies in container transformation. In this context; He added that there is a shortage of specialist labor force in the field of containers in our country.

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Stating that many experts in this field have immigrated, Kelleci said.companies are struggling to find competent personnel. “ said. Stating that it is more difficult to manage the environment without orchestration in container architecture, Kelleci also drew attention to the need for orchestration tools.

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Kelleci stated that software developers who develop in container architecture want to deal with setting up servers and monitoring, and shared the needs in this area. Among the prominent needs of developers and companies are fast setup, scalability, working independently from the supplier and moving projects, benefiting from clear screens during the deployment phase of the project, and Turkish language support. However, multi-channel support and security issues also come to the fore. The managed container approach is designed to meet all these needs.

Container Management Processes

Gürcan Kelleci also shared the steps to be followed in container management processes in his speech. Stressing that a modernization strategy should be determined first, Kelleci drew attention to the importance of providing appropriate infrastructure.

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However, the use of flexible and redundant infrastructure regardless of on-prem or cloud; He stated that he will play an active role in providing the desired capacity. Thus, he added that no problems will be encountered in projects developed with speed and agility.

Stating that the selected orchestration tool has a critical importance in the development processes, Kelleci explained that GlassHouse preferred Rancher in this area. Kelleci stated that Rancher is user-friendly, stable and fast.

During the installation and projecting phase; He added that it is necessary to act in accordance with the determined standards and milestones. Explaining that management support is as important as other steps, Kelleci stated that GlassHouse offers 24/7 technical support and emergency support.

GlassHouse, which provides end-to-end container management services, takes on most of the responsibilities of the customer, especially on-premise. Thus, developers and companies do not have to check each application one by one in case of a problem. The situation of checking the up-to-dateness of each application and the infrastructure integration of these applications from the post-virtualization to the application phase is also eliminated.

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Moving to the managed Kubernets approach; to identify problems before they occur and to get support from a team that will manage this whole process; It also paves the way for using the Kubernets architecture stably. Especially enterprises that need rapid scaling may prefer this method.

Let’s add that GlassHouse supports more than a thousand businesses with a team of 70 experts in the field of container management services.


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