Highlights of the past week in the automobile world

In the automobile world, the past week has been very fast. In this content, we have brought together the most striking, discussed and agenda developments of the past week for you.

In the automobile world Last week, there were many new developments both in our country and in the world. In this content, we have brought together the most read, discussed and remarkable developments of the past week for you. Let’s take a closer look at all these developments without wasting any time.

Last week’s game news

Automotive Production and Export Data Announced: Production Increased 28%


Automotive Industry Association announced the production and export numbers and market data covering the January-April period in Turkey. Accordingly, in the first four months of the year 415 bin 187 Automotive production in units increased by 28% compared to the previous year. Progress has also been made in the market and in exports.

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1.500 Horsepower Domestic Engine To Power Altay Tank BATU Fired For The First Time


Domestic engine developed for tanks, various armored vehicles and machines BATU’nun It has been announced that the first ignition has performed successfully. BMW Power The BATU engine developed by the company produces 1500 horsepower and will power the local battle tank Altay.

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Turkey’s Share in European Automobile Production Increased

automobile production

Consulting firm AlixPartnersPrepared a report on the changes in automotive production of European countries in the 2015-2020 period. In the report that the shares of Germany and France in automotive production in Europe have decreased in the last 5 years, Turkey seems to have increased its production by 8% in the last 5 years.

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Turkey Price of Citroen C4, which has been promoted from Hatchback to SUV, Has Been Announced

new citroen c4

From hatchback to SUV new Citroen C4 The price of Turkey has been determined. The new C4, with gasoline and diesel engine options, is exclusive to the launch. 219 am TL’den with prices starting. Price if on top model To 375 thousand TL it turns up.

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FIAT Unveils New Compact SUV Car That Drivers Will Decide

fiat's unnamed vehicle

Italian automotive giant FIATintroduced the new B segment SUV car, which has a temporary name for now and will be decided by the drivers as a result of a survey opened in its name. For now, the vehicle, called ‘Progetto FIAT 363’, can produce 200 Nm of torque with 125 horsepower in its 3-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-liter engine. Vehicle, South American Since it is a model, it will not be offered for sale in Turkey.

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