Honda S2000 One of the Most Beautiful of the Past

Encountering the Honda S2000 can be described as extremely simple. It was pure joy! In the late 1990s Honda managed to build a great sports car that will never have a successor in the future. I’m so lucky that if I miss a historically important sports car in my garage, it usually happens to one of my friends. Today we are looking at Japan. Imagine Michal’s Honda S2000.

If you thought you might want to buy a Honda S2000, I have a message for you. Don’t think, don’t hesitate, act! Unfortunately, there are very few cars for sale on the market, they are not exactly cheap, at least not the way most sports car fans would like. Half a million is basically not enough for a neat piece today and I’m not even surprised. There is only one Roadster that spins nine thousand revolutions and ranks mechanically as in the famous result of the same repeating rifle. It was built twenty years ago in Japan.

Honda S2000 Technology astounding even today after two decades

Honda S2000 One of the Most Beautiful of the Past 2

The Honda S2000 was produced in the same part of the plant in Takanezawa, where the legendary Honda NSX originated. Production was not fully automated. Each functional unit was the responsibility of a specially trained technician at the workstation. The self-supporting body has an integrated X-shaped strength frame based on the 1995 “Sport Work Model” aluminum concept.

The standard Honda S2000 is left with an aluminum alloy made of front long hood, under which the engine is hidden. It has forged pistons, carbon composite hardened cylinder liners, directly cast with special technology in the production of aluminum engine blocks. The same technology, called FRM, was used by the 3.2-liter six-cylinder fork in the Honda NSX.

The design of the cylinder head directly uses the knowledge gained from the development of Honda F1 racing engines at the time and achieves admirably low coefficients of friction on the work surfaces. The result was the highest specific liter output at that time.

Overtaking the BMW M3 or Porsche 911 GT3 engine with its 120 hp / liter engine, Honda has managed to provide a three-year warranty for the engine up to a hundred thousand kilometer limit! It is not surprising that seventeen automotive journalists from ten different countries won the Convertible of the Year award in Geneva in 1999, just before the Honda S2000 official sale.

2021 Honda S2000 returning with Civic Type R engine?

Honda S2000 One of the Most Beautiful of the Past 1

Don’t get excited right away, but according to Forbes’ claim “a source close to Honda”, the S2000 name will return after a long time. It turned out that the marketing team of the Japanese brand started to conduct market research in 2024 in order to attract the new generation.

The details shared about the new S2000 are also very limited, as it is pointed out four years from now. According to the information provided by the source close to the brand, the dimensions of the new model will be close to the original model. Thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon fiber, it is aimed to keep the weight under 1,350 kg. For your comparison, the first S2000 to be launched in Japan weighed 1,240 kg.

The new S2000 model will be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter power unit serving the Civic Type R, instead of the high-revving four-cylinder atmospheric 2.0 unit in the original version. As you can see, Honda engineers will need to tune the engine with the code K20C1 for rear wheel drive for this to work.

While a claim has been made about 2024, the managers of the Japanese brand should also be kept in mind for the new S2000. In 2018, Hayato Mori, Senior Manager of the Product Planning Department for Honda Canada, said there were insufficient requests to return the sports model and it was difficult to monetize the vehicle.

Going a little further back in 2017, Honda Motor Company CEO Takahiro Hachigo stated that it was not yet time to return a little more diplomatic to the S2000.

‚ÄúThere are many voices about the return of the S2000 in Japan, North America, Europe, China, in short, all over the world. But right now the project is not mature, the time has not come yet. We need time to consider whether to return the S2000. If our sales team evaluates the situation and gives positive feedback, then we will look. “

A minimum of 2 years have passed over the aforementioned two statements; So perhaps Honda’s range is in a position to offer a two-door, sunroof roadster to be sold worldwide – or it will arrive by 2024.