How Did The Bitcoin 2021 Conference Go? Here Are All the Details, Remarkable Images


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What happened in Bitcoin 2021, the biggest Bitcoin conference ever held? Follow the conference live About bitcoin team conveyed what happened at the conference with all its details, prominent developments and remarkable quotes.

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According to the Bitcoinist team, the Bitcoin 2021 conference failed in some ways, with thousands of people lining up for hours. The audience in question missed the first few conversations. But still, it was stated to be an epic event filled with Bitcoin-related art and events, appealing to the community, which is the most important part of the entire Bitcoin project.

The live broadcast only covered the presentations on the main stage, the Nakamoto Stage. For most of the day, the host was Peter McCormack of What Bitcoin Did. YouTube always had between 7 and 8 thousand viewers. The music was low quality techno. All in all, it was a good day for Bitcoin.

Mayor Francis Suarez and the Opening of Bitcoin 2021

As expected, prominent Bitcoin supporter, Miami mayor Francis Suarez opened the conference. “The days of a currency being tied to a central bank are coming to an end,” Suarez said in his keynote address. Details on the keynoteMiami Mayor Delivers Keynote Speech to Bitcoin 2021 ConferenceYou can follow our news.

Ron Paul: “We Need Monetary Freedom”

Ron Paul, a former US congressman who recently garnered sympathy from the community with his statements about Bitcoin, also took part in the conference. As we quoted earlier, Paul wants Bitcoin unregulated: “If you don’t like the dollar, you should have the right to use whatever you want for the money.”

“The Federal Reserve is running out of philosophical steam. They have no idea what they’re doing, and that’s causing this chaos.”

Paul thinks politicians and the Fed will continue to print money and not worry about debt. The shortcomings don’t matter to them.

“Creating more money is not creating wealth”

“The money issue is important, but so is freedom. And if we have freedom, we can solve our problems.”

Paul also spoke with Bitcoin supporters and said, “People here are much better informed than people in Washington.”

Nick Szabo: “The History of Money”

According to the Bitcoinist team, Szabo’s presentation entitled History of Money “it was great”:

“The biggest shortcoming of monetary metals is the cost of verification.”

“The cost and risks of verifying gold have caused people to use outside sources such as coins and paper notes for verification.”

“Trust-based verification is the most important development of Bitcoin”

The Fire of Bitcoin 2021: Michael Saylor and Max Keizer

Saylor and Keizer drew attention to important points in their half-hour talk. Keizer played the comic interviewer and interrupted as Saylor began to preach. Saylor did most of the talking. All quotes below are from him:

Saylor’s main thesis is that traditional investments have lost all appeal and “In real life we ​​will never have anything” was in shape. That is, that was until Bitcoin came along.

“For the first time in history, we can give property rights to 7 billion people”

“I see Bitcoin as the safest, most reliable and most certain thing in the entire economic universe.”

“The reason Bitcoin wins is because of the values ​​of its community.”

Jack Dorsey: “Banking for the Unbanked”

The brainchild of Square and Twitter said what viewers wanted to hear, “All other coins count nothing for me.” Dorsey focused on making Bitcoin the local currency of the internet. It also confirmed Square’s plans to produce some kind of hardware wallet. That Square got into Bitcoin so that people “to be able to trade with it every day” He said he provided. Most importantly, he echoed the sentiment of Bitcoin supporters on energy concerns: “Miners have to make a profit, and cheap renewable energy is maximizing their profits.”

In one of the most controversial moments of Bitcoin 2021, activist Laura Loomer asked how she could talk about freedom while she was shutting down her Twitter account. As right as Loomer was, this was not the place for discussion.

MacCormack calmed him down and led him away from the stage before security could intervene:

Dorsey, highlighting Twitter’s Blue Sky project, “There will be none of the restrictions you see on Twitter. Fully inspired by Bitcoin, we want to do the same for social media.” said.

Bitcoin 2021’in Floyd Mayweather Fireside Sohbeti

Slowly “Everyone is competing with each other in the cryptocurrency world” and suggested that they should work together. Then he detonated the bomb “I think another cryptocurrency will be as big as Bitcoin.”

Senator Cynthia Lummis and Representative Warren Davidson: “Bringing Bitcoin Innovation to America”

These politicians were met with great enthusiasm.

Recording of Ross Ulbricht

The day ended with Robert the Terrible Pirate being released from prison: “Bitcoin is the embodiment of freedom” said.

Bitcoin 2021: Day 2

On the second day, the chat of the live broadcast was closed.

The host of the first half of the day was John Vallis from the Bitcoin Rapid-Fire podcast. Later, he became the notorious Charlie Shrem from the legendary and defunct BitInstant. Unlike the solo or duo presentations on the first day, there were a lot of great panels on the second day. The common theme was: “Inflation is a hidden tax that erodes everyone’s worth and steals your time. And Bitcoin fixes that.”

They announced this at the end of the event, but the biggest surprise of the day was El Salvador’s recognition of Bitcoin as legal currency. to the details “Bitcoin (BTC) To Be Used Officially In El SalvadorYou can find it in our article titled “.

Bitcoin Macro View: Preston Pysh, Jeff Booth, Mark Yusko and Greg Foss

Sunucu: Trey Lockerbie

Preston Pysh: “The cost of capital has been completely cracked.” Solid money fixes that. Bitcoin brings back free and open markets.

Jeff Booth: “Technology is supposed to liberate our time. Yet it is not. Why is that? Because when technology drives prices down, central banks push them up to boost GDP. This is not natural.”

Mark Yusko: To reach a trillion, “You have to sit here with us for 31,770 years” (…) “And you have to spend a dollar a second.” Eh, ABD “Just approved a bill to print 6 trillion.”

Greg Foss: “Bitcoin is the best asymmetric trading opportunity I have seen in 30 years of risk trading.” It has been sufficiently focused. But he also introduced the idea that energy would eventually be priced in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Etiği: Robert Breedlove, Jimmy Song ve Guy Hirsch

Server: Guy Swann

Robert Breedlove: “Money, the most important game in the world, is corrupt. The rules of this game have been twisted in favor of the few and against the millions.” To complete the idea, he gave us: “Bitcoin is the first man-made indestructible currency and social institution we have, potentially the most important invention in human history.”

Jimmy Song: “The current system is extremely immoral. It’s a cesspool of theft, corruption and nepotism.” The dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Every time the Fed prints dollars, they steal from everyone who owns them. The USA is stealing money from the most vulnerable people in the world.

Guy Hirsch: “A presumption of guilt is at the heart of Fiat and the current system.” Bitcoin is money, but it is also an ideological movement.

Bitcoin for Billions, Not Billionaires: Elizabeth Stark and Lyn Alden

This dual presentation contained some profound ideas that were difficult to capture with quotes alone. Search on YouTube. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth Stark: “If Bitcoin is just digital gold, we are not tapping into the enormous potential it provides as a monetary network. It’s not just a digital thing.” Lightning Labs CEO talked about all the amazing new and emerging projects using the Lightning network. “We at the Lighting community and Lighting labs are really passionate about growing people and bringing this technology to the next billion people.”

Lyn Alden: “Basically it was really important to monitor the network impact and see it continue to grow. And that, of course, is separate from price fluctuations from billionaires tweeting on any given day.” He explained that the developments, the number of projects, everything built are more important than the price of the asset.

How Bitcoin Can Promote the Green Energy Transition: Steve Lee and Aaron van Wirdum

Steve Lee: He talked about the Lightning Development Kit and Bitcoin Design Guide and how they will be important in creating better Bitcoin products. He reiterated this sentiment about green mining, “Bitcoin mining is a for-profit business and its number one cost is electricity. They want to maximize their profits.” The way to do this is to move to where energy is cheap. Incentives for green mining are included in the system, “It will turn to 100% renewable sources before any other industry.”

Aaron van Wirdum: “The crisis isn’t about energy use, it’s about Bitcoin.” His thesis is that critics think Bitcoin is not valuable, so everything is a waste. In the end, people will decide whether it’s worth it or not. If people are willing to pay for it, it will go. If not, it stops. Therefore, the discussion about energy use is meaningless.

It is worth noting that this double presentation was interrupted by the funniest moment of the conference. A Dogecoin supporter jumped on the stage and these images emerged.