How Instagram Algorithm Works with Latest Update 2021

Instagram Algorithm has now become smarter with the Latest Update. In particular, the most important part of the Instagram algorithm is knowing how it helps users get involved in Discover.

Knowing how the Instagram algorithm works allows you to effectively direct your digital communication and digital marketing efforts.

Creating content suitable for the algorithm will increase your interactions on Instagram, as well as increase your visibility in important publications such as Discover, allowing you to use Instagram effectively.

Hello there! In this article, I have explained in detail how the Instagram algorithm works in the feed page posts, stories, discover page, IGTV videos and reels.

I also hope that after reading the article, you will have a much better grasp of the workings of the Instagram algorithm so that you can get more engagement for your business or brand.

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How Instagram Algorithm Works for Feeds

According to Instagram, there are 6 key factors that affect Instagram’s algorithm for posted posts. These:

  1. Interests
  2. Relationships
  3. relevance
  4. Frequency of Use
  5. Don’t Follow
  6. Usage

Factor #1: Instagram Interests

Your Instagram feeds don’t just include people you follow. This includes people you’ve liked in the past, as well as accounts and posts. Posts that Instagram thinks you’ll like more are on your feed.

Everything you see in your feed (on the feed page) is actually the clicks, follows, etc. you do on Instagram. combination. The account you are most interested in, the people you are tagged in, and of course the posts you like and comment form the infrastructure of your broadcast.

That’s why it’s so important to be online regularly on Instagram. Going online sends positive signals to the Instagram algorithm and gives your audience more opportunities to engage with your account.

What Are The Most Important Interactions For The Instagram Algorithm?

We know that when it comes to feed performance, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes the most interactive content.
But what are the most important measures of interactions?
According to Instagram, the most important criteria for feed ranking are:

  3. Repetitions
  4. Appearances

Knowing this order will help you plan your content and titles/posts.

Also, saving your content is very important to the Instagram algorithm, although it is not currently listed as an important indicator of engagement. Because after a while, Instagram ‘likes’ seems to be replaced by ‘saving’.

Factor #2: Relationship

How Instagram Algorithm Works with Latest Update 2021 2

Instagram algorithm prioritizes posts from friends, family, and accounts you care about. So the Instagram algorithm uses your interactions to show you what you want. In this way, it can bring together the posts closest to you.

Thomas Dimson, a software engineer at Instagram, shared how Instagram could theoretically understand who you care about most based on how you use the app:

  • People who share content you like (including stories and live streams)
  • People you message directly
  • People you are looking for
  • People you know in real life

When you follow someone, Instagram tries to calculate that relationship (and your level of interest) by providing you with content and tracking how you interact with that person.

Factor #3: Timeliness

The Instagram Algorithm not only analyzes how many interactions your Instagram post gets, but also how long ago the photo was shared. Because the general logic of the Instagram algorithm is to always present the newest and most interesting posts to its users.

Finding the best time to post on Instagram will allow you to work the algorithm in your favor to increase your reach and gain more likes and followers.

If you post when your followers are online and most active, your chances of getting more engagement increase.

Factor #4: Frequency of Uses

How often do you open Instagram? If you’re a frequent online person, your post will appear more chronological as Instagram tries to show you the most relevant posts since your last visit.

But if you control Instagram less, your feed will be sorted not chronologically, but rather what Instagram thinks you’ll like.

Factor #5: Instagram Followers

How many people do you follow on Instagram? If you follow a lot of people, there will be many options on Instagram. Therefore, you probably won’t be able to see the content on every account.

I can recommend you to stop following inactive users that we can call ghosts.

Because if a large percentage of the accounts you follow are inactive, they can do more harm than good for your account’s algorithmic ranking.

Factor #6: Duration of Use

If you spend a lot of time on Instagram, you can dig deeper into the Instagram content catalog and see more posts.

In fact, if you spend enough time on Instagram, you may not even have new content to see. Once that happens, the Instagram algorithm starts serving you recommended content from new accounts based on your previous interactions.

However, if you only spend a few minutes in the app each day, your feed will have the most important posts of the day.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work for Stories?

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Typically, Instagram Stories that appear at the top of your feed consist of accounts you interact with the most through likes, comments, story views, reactions or DMs.

The Instagram Stories algorithm is always focused on showing you the latest stories from your favorite accounts. That’s why your up-to-dateness is so important.

If you interact with any account regularly, new stories from that account will appear in front of your story feed with each post, even if you’ve watched all their stories from the previous day.

That’s why you need to constantly share content on Instagram Stories for more engagement.

If you post frequently on Instagram Stories, your chances of reaching your followers as they browse through their daily stories will increase, and the more views you get, the better your Instagram rank will be.

How Does the Instagram Discover Algorithm 2021 Work?

Discover page and the stories algorithm are pretty similar. Both provide you with the content that Instagram thinks will interest you most, based on your previous interactions. However, while your Instagram stories feed is made up of content from accounts you already follow, your discovery feed is almost entirely made up of content from new accounts.

The Explore page is constantly evolving with new topic categories and advanced search options. For example; You can now search using keywords and hashtags to discover posts related to the content you want to search for.

The Discover algorithm takes into account much more than tags in your posts, such as unique visual content and words in your title.

How Instagram Algorithm Works with Latest Update 2021 1

Discover algorithm basically aims to provide people with the best and relevant content. That’s why you can rank higher on the explore page more easily when you regularly post trending headlines and content with specific hashtags directly related to the post. Note that for hashtag search results, Instagram will prioritize the most relevant and engaging posts.

Discover posts are selected by the Instagram algorithm based on users’ past interactions. In the “Recent” tab, the hashtag search results are the same for every user. This list is a chronological order of posts containing the hashtag you are looking for.

How to Explore on Instagram?

TIP: If you’re a brand that wants to be on Instagram Explore, focusing on specific topics, categorizing your posts, and using hashtags related to those categories/specific topics will get you higher on the Instagram Explore page.

Creating engagement-focused content increases your chances of being Discovered. The more organic engagement a post you post on Instagram gets per unit time, the more likely you are to appear in Discover. In other words, there is no specific formula to discover. The higher the organic engagement rate of your post, the more likely it will appear in Discover.

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How Instagram Algorithm Works for IGTV Videos and Reels

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes the types of posts you usually interact with, along with the accounts you interact with the most.

Alongside the home feed, Instagram also offers suggested IGTV videos and Reels videos to users on their respective discovery pages, including the new Reels tab.

This content covers what the artificial intelligence Instagram algorithm thinks you will like.

The trick is to share posts and create content that will help your followers/potential followers as much as possible and make their job easier.

5 Extra Ways to Boost Your Ranking with Instagram Algorithm


If you want to increase your ranking with the Instagram algorithm, the best thing you can do is get as many interactions (likes, comments, DMs, registrations and shares) as possible.

1: Catch Instagram’s Trends

Looking for a quick way to get engagement with the Instagram algorithm? Catch Instagram’s latest features!

Instagram always prioritizes these new features to increase adoption of its latest features (like Instagram Reels). That’s why it’s a good idea for your brand to catch up on the latest trends and take advantage of this extra boost of engagement.

How to Sell on Instagram 1

2: Increase Engagement by Using Stickers on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories stickers are a great way to encourage audience engagement, and the more engagement your posts get, the higher the Instagram algorithm will be.

There are lots of Instagram stickers. The best ones to ensure the participation of your target audience; poll, emoji slider and question stickers.

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3: Accelerate Conversations with Engaging Captions and Comments

Instagram has confirmed that comments are very important when it comes to post ranking. That’s why you should encourage and get as many people as possible to comment on your posts.

One of the best ways to do this is to write good headlines that increase engagement. You can also add a call to action to your Instagram caption, asking your followers to share their thoughts or feelings, double-tap the post if they agree, or tag their friends in the comments.

Instagram Is Testing Two Features One Of Which Will Bring Privacy Filters To Stories 1

4: Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

Adding hashtags to your posts is one of the most effective ways to reach more people on Instagram. Also, hashtags mean more views for the Instagram algorithm to account for.

With a good hashtag strategy, you can reach not only more people, but also people who are relevant to your business and interested in your content.

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5: Use Instagram Analytics

Analyzing how your content engages on Instagram is one of the most reliable ways to use the Instagram algorithm.

A better understanding of what works (and what doesn’t) helps you create a well-targeted marketing plan and saves you time and effort in the long run.

But at its core, Instagram Analytics means more than just finding out which photo, video or story performs best. Really understanding how your content is performing by tracking key metrics over time is crucial to knowing what helps improve your rankings.

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