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WARNING. Do NOT fall for hype. Don’t think you’re going to get instantly rich. Don’t trust random people offering financial advice. Cryptocurrency is the wild wild west of investing and many people want to take your money and run. You must educated yourself with the good and the bad. You must understand what you’re doing. This isn’t something to rush into.

Now with that said…. Here is how to can buy Dogecoin…


A while ago I asked the community here to make some posts about how to buy dogecoin. Many of you helped. Thank you!

I couldn’t choose one post because I didn’t have the time to read and follow each one so I have linked them all below. Please make sure you give these posts some love! Reddit gold would be awesome. If there is anything bad in these posts send the mods some mail letting them know and this post will be edited so the bad information is gone!


* [The Ultimate Simple Guide for Buying, Trading and Storing Dogecoin 2021](


* [How to Purchase Dogecoin in 2021](


* [How to buy Dogecoin in 5 easy steps in 5 easy hours](


* [How to buy Doge for in 5 eezy steps (FOR DUMDUMS)](




* [(For Beginner) How to buy Cryptocurrency in an easy way and get some free money by my referral.](


* [How to buy Dogecoin TODAY](


* [🚀DOGECOIN – How to buy DOGE COIN with cheapest trading fee🚀](


* [How To Buy DOGECOIN (Simple & Easy) UK,AUST,EUROPE,ASIA](


* [Beginner’s Guide: How To Buy/Own Dogecoin with the lowest fees](


To the moon!

Bonus message – I’ve allowed referral links to be used in the posts even though they are not allowed to be used generally in the subreddit. NEVER listen to finance advice from anyone other than a professional finance advisor! You’ve been warned!.

Edit: The posts above can be edited any time by the people who wrote them. If you feel there is a serious error or mistake please send modmail and I will remove the post and ask the OP to sort it out.

Edit Edit.. A Shibe wrote this guide. Take a look.

Edit Edit Edit.. This post was refreshed in April 2021. The previous post was a few months old and reddit stops comments after a while. We can’t have that!


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41 thoughts on “HOW TO BUY DOGECOIN”

  1. Never traded crypto before, but i think i believe in the power of Doge… Should i buy 15$ worth and hold?

    edit: Do upvotes mean yes? I am **really** new to this.

  2. Working on selling off all my DOGE on RH and transferring my funds to Kraken. Don’t go to the moon without me 🙏🏻🚀

  3. bought over 1000 shares the other day on a dip, debating going for another 1000 shares, thoughts!?

  4. So many different ways, I’m overwhelmed. I’m only on Coinbase right now. Anybody have a good experience with any of these specific ways? I intended to jump on some doge earlier this month, looked around, got discouraged and gave up. Now look! Lol Thanks guys!

  5. Dogecoin is an old dog people are to scared he might bite them. His been around for years and will never go away.

  6. Anyone willing to help me out. I got the Binance app, went through all the hoops and was able to add some funds. Bought some USDT (Tether US) and then managed to swap them for some Doge (if I’m reading right). On my Spot Wallet it shows I have 24.975 Dogecoin ($16.01 CAD).

    This is a dumb question but that means I have 24.975 Dogecoins? Do I have to transfer that to a wallet? Do I need a wallet? Do I just sit there and watch it shoot to the moon?

    It’s my first day, any advice is greatly appreciated.

  7. Geometric Energy Corporation proudly announces the DOGE-1 Mission to the Moon — the first-ever commercial lunar payload in history paid entirely with DOGE — will launch aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

  8. SpaceX accepts Dogecoin as payment to launch ‘DOGE-1 mission to the Moon’ next year

  9. What is the best exchange you guys buy doge with?
    Please don’t say RH , I was scammed by them

  10. -9k, +11k, break even, +6k. That’s how my week went. How was yours? Still HODLING strong!!

  11. Is anyone else having problems with not transferring funds from Debit OR ACH? I keep getting a “failed” error with no explanation. Is there a better platform to use for trading crypto currency? I want to get in on this dip!!

  12. Only got in on Thursday and I only have a really modest amount 263 (due to being a father of 4) can’t loose too much but I am here to stay!!

  13. 2 out of the last 3 posts in New are from accounts with the verbverbnumbers structure and there’s a post on the front page congratulating everyone for not selling at the peak. A day before there were posts telling people not to panic sell no matter what. I hope some of you understand you’re being played.

  14. Can we now realize that while outside influence (Musk, Cuban, Slim Jim etc) can be beneficial to the price of the coin, it can also be detrimental.

    Ultimately we are the coin holders and we decide. Hold to the moon ladies and gentlemen. Don’t be scared.

  15. New to this, didn’t know better and bought on Robinhood. Am I screwed, is the app really that bad?

  16. Is binance a good website to use to buy dogecoin?? I am in the US and trying to get out of Robinhood

  17. Buy and hold strong we were doing very good let’s go hold not sell it do no make rich the swing traders scalpers

  18. The highs last rally are probably going to be the lows until next rally.. I’m excited..

  19. (US-NY) None of these sites work. Can’t even get past creating an account because all of them either have some error with making the account for some annoying reason or it doesn’t include the US. I want to get rid of using Robinhood but it’s impossible when literally no other site works at all.

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