How to Buy ROKET BUNNY? What is Rocket Bunny coin?

Rocket Bunny is a deflationary coin with a maximum circulating supply of 777 Quadrillion. Each transaction automatically rewards holders and increases the token’s price base through liquidity locks. Rocket Bunny Coin was launched as a coin based on a new reward system.

Rocket Bunny is a deflationary token with a maximum circling supply of 777 Quadrilion. Every exchange causes a 4% duty that is disseminated in four equivalent parts: 1% to holders, 1% consumed to The Rabbit’s Hole, 1% bolted liquidity, and 1% as a little something extra to liquidity suppliers. As volume builds, the sum consumed increments logarithmically, ultimately prompting a dramatic decline in supply.

Every exchange naturally compensates holders and builds the symbolic’s value floor through liquidity locks. All without marking.

The token is used in the more noteworthy Rocket Bunny environment of dApps, which incorporates Rocket Drop (launchpad), Rocket Swap (DEX) and Rocket Labs (proving ground).

This component is in beta testing. Spot your appraisals for next a half year and see other’s thought process it. Information showed depend on client input aggregated by CoinMarketCap. The cut-off for gauges for every month-end is on the 21st of every month.

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