How to Change a WordPress Theme Without Losing a Hit

Changing the WordPress theme is a big problem for all of us, including me. So what is the reason why wordpress theme change is so problematic?

One of the issues that web site administrators with WordPress infrastructure fear most during wordpress theme change is losing hits. In fact, it is up to you to prevent this and to bring this situation to win rather than lose.

Theme change is an issue that needs to be considered. In this article, I will try to explain in a descriptive and simple way what you should pay attention to and which technical criteria you should base on when changing your theme.

WordPress Theme Change First Step

One of the issues that web site managers with WordPress infrastructure fear most during the wordpress theme change is losing hits. In fact, it is up to you to prevent this and to make this situation win rather than lose.

Why are you changing the theme? For a better visual design? To add functionality to your site? Is your theme mobile friendly? Or is your theme not a good theme in terms of speed and SEO? You need to imagine questions like these and decide why you need to change your WordPress theme.

Your new theme on your website must be responsive. The sine qua non criterion of search engines and website visitors in recent years is responsiveness. If a visitor enters your website from their desktop computer and cannot roam on other portable interface devices, such as roaming for the site, you have a huge problem. In addition, search engines are very sensitive about responsive themes and pay attention to this when it comes to ranking.

Try to focus on compressed css codes and themes with high pagespeed speed. However, since there are almost no visuals and graphics on some themes, we can witness high page speed rates. Here we should not forget that our website is not only visited by google or yahoo bots, friends, when your visitors enter your site, they want to see different visuals or a design.

Although plain and plain works without visuals are a little better for search engines, you will automatically fall back in the rankings when you leave your website because your visitors who enter over time get bored quickly. Therefore, you need to make a very good decision on this matter.

wordpress theme hero final

Title tag propagation is not among the rigorous criteria by many theme creators, but it is very important in SEO. For example, a page should contain no more than “1” h1 tags or less than “2” h2 tags. These are very important emphasis code structures for search engines. Because search engine bots scan the page codically, and tags such as h1, h2, h3, and strong can detect interest in the title and important parts of the page. To sum up this article, your theme should have header tag support and a logical spread.

American visitors often want symmetrical diagrams and a remote view of the website. In the USA, users love to see different sections around articles. All the analyzes conducted show this in general. However, a British visitor often wants simple content that is capitalized and has a plain look.

Symmetry is like a wall and disease to be overcome for them. There are several US and foreign websites on which this type of analysis is conducted. These are analyzes made with generalization and statistics based on this, I recommend you not to pay attention to this issue.

I suggest you choose a theme based on the country of your visitors. It will sound silly when you first hear it, but I can open it up like this, for example, compare a US and a British visitor.

It is consistently a preferred position that the advertisement the executives can be changed both to guarantee your pay and not to upset your guests. Ensure that new publicizing strategies that may show up later on can be incorporated, particularly in the subject you pick. We suggest that you avoid subjects where their source code is covered up or that could raise you ruckus. For instance, there are no such limitations on the topics we sell on our own site as Birtema. Our clients can without much of a stretch do this sort of work for different partners at whatever point they wish.

Attempting to avoid Warez consistently brings alleviation and preferred position, despite the fact that we don’t need cash out of our pocket, this issue can really present critical dangers when seen comprehensively. For instance, the chance of hacking the topics falling into wareze can be completed by individuals who break the subject, so you may confront a dangerous circumstance. Thusly, it is significant that you pick your subjects by buying non-warez, free dispersed or paid topics authorized. You may likewise experience lawful issues by the subject proprietors in the utilization of unlicensed topics.

WordPress Hit Loss Prevention

You changed your topic considering the above things and now your site is dynamic with the new topic. Try not to move away from your SEO structure that you use in the following interaction.

On the off chance that you are at an effective point, don’t mess with your site’s settings, for example, “title, depiction, heading”. I prescribe you to deal with your work on them at a later stage, in light of the fact that a total difference in vision can likewise cause intriguing misfortunes, remember that a little twisted may develop, the deficiency of guests may make you tumble from the rankings temporarily and thusly lose hits from each substance.

Since the things I have given above are among the main things as a rule, you can get excellent outcomes on the off chance that you can follow them. I attempted to pass on data to you all in all about WordPress subject change, you can ask us inquiries under this heading on issues you are interested about.

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