How to Create an Instagram Business Account?

In November 2017, we learned that Instagram’s business accounts exceeded 25 million. More than 200 million users visit at least 1 business account a day. We can say that the fact that business accounts have such statistics naturally creates a desire for brands or individuals to transfer their accounts to the business account. So how do you create a business account?

First, you need to set the “public” option in the “settings” section of your profile. After setting the public option, you should click the “Switch to Business Profile” tab in the “settings” section.

After choosing this option, Instagram Business begins to tell. These explanations are as follows:

With the transition to the Business Profile, the structure of your account will change and new buttons will be added to your profile. These options, such as phone, email, location, are designed to allow users to transact from your Instagram profile as quickly as possible.

With the statistics section, you can see information about your followers, when they are active and how effective your posts are.

With the promotions section, you can follow the interactions and returns of the ads you make for your Instagram business account.

After this information, Instagram will ask you to link your Business account to your Facebook page. If your business doesn’t have a Facebook page, you can create a page or skip this step at this step.

After completing this step, our next step is to define the category of the profile. Instagram actually asks you the following question.

Instagram “What is your company’s industry?” We have twelve different categories here:

  • Other
  • Movies
  • People
  • Websites and Blogs
  • Books and Magazines
  • Brands and Products
  • Music
  • Event Sources
  • Sport
  • Company and Organizations
  • Televisions
  • Local Businesses

After completing this selection, Instagram asks you to set a sub-category. In this way, you have the chance to define the work you do in a specific way. After selecting this sub-category, we will come across one last option, which is “Contact Information”.

Make sure that you have entered all your information correctly in the Contact Information. After completing this breakthrough, you have now transferred your account to an Instagram business account.

Instagram business account benefits

Switch to Contact Button: One of the great features of an Instagram business account is that it offers 3 different communication options for followers to contact their Instagram account directly. These are calling, sending text messages, and sending mail, respectively. If you wish, you can only use one of these three options.
# In addition, if you have added your address information to your business account settings, users who click the contact button are also given the opportunity to “get directions” on the map.

Statistics: After switching to an Instagram business account, a statistics icon will appear in the upper right corner of your profile. By clicking this icon, you can check the interactions of all your posts since you switched to a business account.
# Currently, this feature is only visible when you open the app with VPN over USA. I am sure that it will open to all countries in the coming days.