How to Do Social Media Optimization?

Written By Eleman

In the seventh part of this series, where we examine the services offered by social media agencies, Social Media Optimization needs to be set correctly.

Social media optimization. It is a strategic study aiming to direct traffic to targeted sites with specific content placement and sharing by professionalizing the social network profiles of institutions and individuals. It is a method used to increase visibility on the Internet.

Social Media Optimization

How to Do Social Media Optimization

Optimizing literally means making everything the best possible. As the digital world is constantly evolving and changing, Social Media Optimization is limited to editing an account’s initial settings and appearance. A re-optimization process is applied in every new development in digital agencies.

Social media is used all over the world as one of the most effective platforms of online marketing systems. It has become mandatory advertising tools that every sector uses as online marketing, such as shopping sites, e-commerce sites, banking credit promotions, company advertisements, political party advertisements, and where people add advertisements whether they want it or not.

There are two types of SMO

When we say SMO, Social Media Optimization, two types of optimization are understood in the digital marketing sector. One is SMO, which will affect the results of search engines, namely SEO, and the other is understood as configuring social media accounts. If you are going to agree with an agency about SMO, you should first ask for a full description of the job. Otherwise, you may encounter unexpected works.

Even agencies can be wrong.

Optimizing your accounts often seems like a fairly simple process to customers. But experience is more important than anything else in the digital world. For example, with Facebook Chart Search, your company can be found by category. But if you set your category wrong, you missed out on potential customers. But don’t call it a very simple task in determining categories. Right now, even many digital agencies have misclassified and are not even aware of it.

Optimizing accounts means entering content for social SEO, from Facebook cover images to Twitter backgrounds, from Pinterest board images to about text. In this part of the job, I recommend working with a professional as much as possible.

Making your site social is not simple

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The second and more commonly understood name, SMO, is the process of making your website suitable for social media. Adding Facebook Like Box or Comments module to your website is included in this process. If you say I’ll give it to a programmer/coder, he’ll do it, and you’ll get rid of it will most likely ruin your website.

Because the number of social modules that can be added to a website and do different things from each other is currently over 50. So, how would a coder who does not understand social media and user experience know which module to add? He will probably try to add 2-3 modules he sees or all of them. Either way, the number of dissatisfied users on your site will increase.

During the optimization of the accounts, problems may arise due to visionless agencies. Agencies that can’t come up with something creative often fail to satisfy their customers. On the other hand, in the optimization of the website, customers can make agency employees spend sleepless nights because they cannot imagine well what the offered modules will add to their sites.

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