How to Open a Live Broadcast on Tiktok? How Are Tiktok Live Broadcasts Made?

Tiktok is among the most popular applications of the last period. Turkey and TikTok of the most downloaded applications in the world, which is a platform that allows users to share videos 15 seconds in length. So how to open live broadcasts in Tiktok and how to make Tiktok live broadcasts? Here’s what to know about Tiktok live streams.

Tiktok; It is a very common video sharing application, especially among young people, after Facebook and Instagram. Tiktok users can share 15-second videos on the application.

How to Open a Live Broadcast on Tiktok?

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Although Tiktok is a very popular application, it is a rather strange and unfamiliar platform for those who haven’t downloaded it yet. Especially one of the issues that new users cannot fully grasp is sharing live broadcasts on Tiktok. Tiktok is an app that generally allows users to share their short videos with special effects, stickers, stickers and music.

Besides that, Tiktok also offers users a number of editing tools such as video trimming, cutting, merging and copying. In this way, users can edit their videos with the filters, tags, stickers and sounds they want. This popular application, which allows short and instant video sharing, also offers video merging for those who want to create a longer story. Thus, users can edit their own videos as they wish.

How Are Tiktok Live Broadcasts Made?

Another topic that attracts the attention of users in Tiktok is to open a live broadcast. As long as Tiktok users meet certain criteria, they can open live broadcasts. The most important of these conditions is the age limit. Tiktok does not allow users under the age of 16 to broadcast live. Also, users under the age of 13 cannot create a Tiktok account. Tiktok platform, which tries to protect community rules in this way, ensures higher quality of video content. Another requirement to start a live broadcast on Tiktok is to have a minimum number of 1000 followers. Accounts that meet these conditions can organize live broadcasts on Tiktok.

To do this, first go to the application and log in to your account.

Tap the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Next to the save option is the “Live” button. Tap this.

Set a title for the live stream and tap “Go Live” to start the broadcast.

How to use TikTok? How about Tiktok monetization system?

You can register the application by phone number, mail, Google and various networks. You can search for phenomena and profiles of various tags by tapping the lens in the lower left corner of the profile. Posts you follow and view on your profile will automatically appear on your homepage. The bottom right lens shows the messages and notifications you have received. You can start selecting or recording the video you want to share by tapping the “+” icon in the menu. You can add music to the video you want to share from the “Select Sound” button at the top. You can add videos saved in the gallery from the upload menu in the lower right corner.

You can see that it has recently become an application that helps you make money on the Internet. To be successful with Tik Tok, which is mainly used by 17-24 year olds, you need to make videos under high quality, fun and extraordinary “Viral” titles. With these videos, you can create an audience and earn money thanks to the audience that comes to your live broadcasts.

Search for sponsors; To find a sponsor on Tiktok, you must have at least 50,000 followers. Sponsored brands and people who will apply for advertising from you need 50,000 followers. E-commerce; You can use your videos for youth e-commerce. You can create short duration videos and use some of them for product and brand promotion.

Live broadcast ; With live broadcast, you can enable your subscribers to watch you online. Increasing social media accounts; For users with a large number of followers on Tiktok, you can interact with the users in your account through other social media applications. You can be a social media phenomenon with these. It will grow directly on your other social media accounts and you can earn money by advertising, promoting or selling the account on your social media accounts.

Redirect users to Youtube; You can earn extra income by sharing your favorite videos on YouTube.

Earning Gift Points on Tik Tok

There is no limit to winning in practice. Points range from 100 to 1000 points depending on your activity. When you open the live stream, your money will accumulate in your wallet due to the gift you received. You can get your accumulated money when you have at least $ 20 accumulated in your account.