How to shoot by adding TikTok? Let’s increase the growth of the brand!

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Advertising techniques on Tiktok and what kind of clips will people watch in 2022? Tiktok is another popular platform that can always make viral waves for people on social media. Since covid closed, Tiktok has become a social media that entertains more users. Make it easy for Users to enjoy and continue enjoying content with the content format, which is a short video clip. Tiktok has so far surpassed Facebook in downloads.

The highlight of advertising on Tiktok is that most of the clips don’t look like ads. can watch and have fun. This has caused many marketers to start using Tiktok more as a marketing tool. Because it makes people want to remember the brand without making it seem too cumbersome.

TikTok ads have been one of the hottest and most glamorous online marketing channels for the past few years. There are more than 800 million TikTok users not only in our country but all over the world, more than half of them are Generation Y and Z when spending is free. What does this statistic tell us?

In an age where online channels play an important role in daily life. If a person wants to be more successful in business life, he must learn and find the right strategies. Like online marketing, finding target customers to meet Create engaging content and find ways to deliver content to the target audience But as we all know, Reaching Customers through organic or free methods is difficult and time consuming so it is very interesting to do. Paid or paid ads like Boost. adding posts or plugins is one approach.

In addition to the popular channel like Facebook, TikTok is another platform that currently has potential and should not be overlooked. Because TikTok, as we mentioned above, is a short video clip sharing application that has many active users and is also in the age group, which is the target audience of many businesses. So today we are going to teach you how to shoot, add TikTok, shoot and summarize, if you are ready follow us!

What type of content clip is suitable for attracting Ads Tiktok?

How to shoot by adding TikTok Lets increase the growth of the brand 1

What types of content are suitable for making TikTok Ads and what people want to watch without scrolling through the feed and clicking on the ad are as follows:

Make a vertical clip 9:16

  • Must choose to stream clips in portrait size of 9:16, which is the aspect ratio of mobile screens. It allows viewers to see the content in the clip as comprehensively as possible. Advantages of clipping The image will not loop back and forth. It makes watching Video more enjoyable even when viewing horizontal images.

Make a Tiktok clip that focuses on fun.

Entertainment-oriented clip content has become more popular. The top 5 most-watched clips on Tiktok in 2022 are as follows:

  • Short clips from TV shows, concerts, promo
  • vlog clip
  • Food and Drink Clips
  • game clip
  • funny short clips
  • Add popular hashtags

Another way to keep your clips interesting. Increasing the views rapidly is making clips suitable for the interests of the people at that time. By choosing to make trending clips and putting a Trending Hashtag below the clip. Because the clip is on trend and attracts attention. Many people will look at the clips. and increase the chances of your clip being viewed from this trend as well

How to advertise on TikTok

How to shoot by adding TikTok Lets increase the growth of the brand 1

First of all, I need to explain that advertising can be done in 2 channels in order to meet 2 different user purposes on TikTok.

  1. Insertion firing via PC has been a traditional method from the very beginning. Its policies and settings are similar to Facebook ad shots through a backend system or Ads Manager, and you can use it to promote your brand or product, whether you have a TikTok channel or not. Get more recognition and sales from app users
  2. you can easily shoot a mobile phone shot yourself Anyone with a TikTok channel can do it themselves, whether it’s a personal channel or shoot as a brand. Many are hoping to increase their follower count.

In this article we will talk about adding images via PC as we saw. Previewing TikTok ads that enter your stream while watching other people’s videos is very complex and not easy to follow.

How do you start adding TikTok?

Step 1: Create a Tiktok Ad Account

First of all, you need a Business Account or an Ad Account. This account is different from TikTok Account. Once an account is created and TikTok verified, you can go to settings and use it.

Step 2: Creating an Ad Campaign on TikTok

What is the next step to add TikTok after creating an account? When you want to create a new campaign, click on the Campaign menu, then fill in the information and make the settings according to the subject as follows.

Tiktok Offer

Including the Advertising Target or shooting intent,

Awareness: Build reach or the number of people who see your unique ad. More reach means more people see your ad.

Considerations: Choose whether you want to increase Traffic, App Installs or Video Views.
Conversions: Increase traffic to your website.

Settings : Set a name for the campaign. Are you ready to choose whether to do A/B Testing and what is the budget limit?

Tiktok Ad Group

An Ad Group is a subgroup of a campaign, which is a region where you can manage, create or customize Ads.

  • Settings: Give each Ad Group a name for that campaign.
  • Placements: Choose whether to automatically display TikTok ads based on the TikTok system or where you want the ad to appear, for example on the For You page, TikTok feed, or pared-down apps.
  • Ad Details: This section allows you to fill in the details of your TikTok ad such as URL, profile picture, business type and related Ad Tags.
  • Ad Type: You can choose to turn on Automatic Creative Optimization mode to allow the system to evaluate performance and automatically adjust ad capture.
  • Targeting: Target your audience by location, gender, age group, language, and interests. Be sure to research and strategize to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Budget and Plan: Select a budget for shooting and planning from this menu. For payment, TikTok will use a top-up system, which means you need to load credits into the system first. To be able to shoot ads on TikTok
  • Bidding and Optimization: If anyone wants, they can Bid in this section to get the best ad rank in competition. However, be careful not to bid as high as the budget has been set.

Single Video and Single Image Details

Single Image is an image-based TikTok plugin. Advertising on TikTok with Single Image can be displayed on three platforms: TopBuzz & BuzzVideo, Vigo and Helo. You can choose to add images from your computer. Or you can choose to use it from the library you created in your account. Some tips for using images:

  • Available for both .jpg .png files
  • No resolution. However, it is recommended to be greater than or equal to 1200*628 pixels.
  • The file size should not exceed 500 KB.

single video

You can choose to use the video clip we finished by advertising on Tiktok as a single video or clip. or select a file from the existing library Then customize it as a complete ad clip using TikTok’s Video Template or Smart Video functionality. The details of the video must meet the following requirements:

  • TikTok in-feed ads recommend using video aspect ratio 9:16, 1:1 or 16:9, resolution ≥540960px, ≥640640px or ≥960540px. It is recommended to use screen partners in the application at 16:9 and 1:1 ratios and resolutions ≥7201280px, ≥640640px or ≥1280720px.
  • It supports .mp4, .mov, .mpeg, .3gp and .avi files.
  • Videos must be 5 – 60 seconds long.
  • Bitrate ≥ 516 kbps
  • The file size does not exceed 500 MB.

And don’t forget after installing or managing everything! A preview of the TikTok ad that will run first time each time so that the ad can show all the important information according to the strategy.

You see, the method and procedure of adding TikTok is not as complicated as you might think. And if anyone is still unsure whether adding TikTok is good or not, I must say you shouldn’t miss it. This is because the ad formats on this platform can be numerous, such as a Hashtag Contest or creating a fun and creative Brand Impact. Therefore, it ensures good audience participation.

Ways to Shoot Ads on Tiktok

How to shoot by adding TikTok Lets increase the growth of the brand 2

Adding to Tiktok only requires an Ads account to attract Ads unlike regular Tiktok Account. Users can normally go to shoot ads. Which method of use is similar to receiving Ads on Facebook.

Create a campaign to attract ads.

To create an ad campaign, you need to name the ad that will be used to drive Ads and then select a Target to drive ads. The purpose of shooting ads on Tiktok is divided into 3 types:

  • Awareness: Ads that want to increase your reach or get more people to see your ad. unique people
  • Consideration: Ads aimed at increasing Traffic, App Installs or Video Views drive people to Calls to Action: Ads to drive traffic to your website.

Create an Ad Group, enter the details of the ad campaign.

Ad Group is the ad group included in the campaigns. You must enter the details of the ads you want to attract to your target audience.

  • Settings: Enter a name for the Ad Group of ads to trigger on Tiktok.
  • Placements: Choose which channels your ad clips will appear on, for example in Tiktok feed, For You feed, or in other apps like TopBuzz, BuzzVideo.
  • Ad Details: Upload an ad clip and any details you want to add to TikTok, such as URL, profile picture, business type, and related Ad Tags.
  • Creative Type: Choose a mode to optimize your ads, such as Auto Creative Optimization mode, so that the system automatically adjusts ad shots accordingly.
  • Targeting: Identify the target audience (Audience) that matches the content of the ad. You can view the organic results of clips from Tiktok Analytics, which will help you see which target audience is particularly interested in this ad, according to Viewers’ interests such as location, gender, age group, language and interests, choice. Suggestions.
  • Budget and Schedule: Enter the budget and schedule the shooting time to shoot Ads on Tiktok. Paying TikTok the advertising costs on TikTok would be a way to fill the system. Then the money will be deducted after the ad is shot.
  • Bidding and Optimization: Choose higher bids than competitors. It will help your ads reach more competitors.

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