How to Update WordPress Software? Is WordPress Software Update Important?

If you have a WordPress website, don’t be afraid to update it, it’s simple. However, plugins on websites using WordPress software can sometimes be an issue. To avoid these issues, we strongly recommend that plugins be disabled before updating WordPress software.

How to Start a WordPress Software Update?

First of all, you should make a complete backup of your website. Database backup should also be included in this full backup. If anything goes wrong, this issue is important for you to set up your backup and continue streaming again. WordPress has an infrastructure that always updates itself. WordPress always likes to stay up to date, especially with the versions it has developed specifically for it.

If you have an old backup of your website in your hosting company’s backup storage, you are torn. If both you and your hosting company do not have a backup, it will be a little difficult to save your site. Because there is a possibility that new files may corrupt old files. Of course, these are possibilities, they should never frighten you. Since we have experience on the subject, we are on the side of conveying the worst and protecting you from possible bad situations.

We will try to explain the WordPress update in detail for users who do not have software knowledge.

This method does not require software knowledge. All operations are done from the WordPress admin panel.

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How to Update Software from WordPress Admin Panel

In the wake of signing into the administrator board part of your site, you can check whether there is another WordPress adaptation when you check the “Start” area at the highest point of the left segment. On the off chance that there are, don’t click quickly, first go to the additional items segment and debilitate all your additional items. In the wake of impairing your modules, on the off chance that you are certain that you have sponsored up your site, you would now be able to continue with the update interaction. Go to the beginning segment again and click the update button.

The framework will then direct you and put your WordPress site into upkeep mode with your endorsement. Things are currently under WordPress control. In the event that no issue happens after a specific timeframe, some content will show up on the screen, illuminating you regarding what has been refreshed.

On the off chance that you have seen these articles, your update cycle has been effectively finished. From that point onward, you need to check the important segments for any topic or extra that should be refreshed. In the event that you have made the current updates, you would now be able to actuate your modules and keep on utilizing your site as in the past.

Software Update via WordPress Ftp

For this process, you need to learn how to use an ftp program and access your hosting account panel. You should take a full backup of your website before your hosting panel. After any wrong action, it will be easy to return if your website has a backup.

After you make a full backup of your website, you need to get your ftp information from your hosting account and connect to your website via ftp with a program such as FileZilla. If you could not find your ftp address, user and password information, apply from the contact addresses of your hosting company. If your hosting account is in YcrSOFT, please contact our support department.

After connecting to your website via ftp with FileZilla, delete the “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” folders in the main directory. Go to WordPress’s own site. You can find the download link here to Download WordPress.

After downloading the latest version of WordPress to your computer, open the zip folder and upload the “wp-admin” folder and “wp-includes” folders to the main directory. Now it’s time to upload the files. By the way, the file named “wp-content” will not be uploaded to the main directory. Because the “wp-content” file on your server contains your website’s theme, images and plug-ins. If you change this file with a new one, all your information will be deleted. So your website becomes a zero WordPress site. Upload other individual files that are not uploaded except for the “wp-content” folder and choose if ftp prompts “overwrite”.

Why is WordPress Software Update Required?

WordPress is one of the most effortless substance the executives frameworks to utilize. WordPress, composed with open source code, gets weak when not refreshed. Additionally, while any remaining innovations are creating, on the off chance that you don’t adjust your site to the creating innovation, you will strife with a wide range of programming and cause your clients to have issues while on your site.

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