Huobi Transfers 515 Million XRP, Ripple Sends 900 Million XRP to Escrow


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Chinese exchange Huobi transferred half a billion XRP, while Ripple sent 900 million XRP to Escrow. However, the company continues to send XRP to Huobi on a daily basis.

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Data monitoring service Whale Alert tweeted that Chinese crypto giant Huobi has transferred half a billion XRP. Meanwhile, Ripple, the company directly associated with the cryptocurrency, locked almost a billion XRP back into the escrow after releasing it.

Transfers Continue in Huobi

Whale Alert has published the details of two transfers of approximately $530 million made by the largest Chinese cryptocurrency exchange. A total of 490 million XRP was moved between its wallets by Huobi. Prior to that, the platform sent 25 million XRP to the Binance exchange.

The combined value of both transactions in fiat currency is equivalent to $528,911,442.

Ripple Continues to Transfer XRP to Huobi

Daily XRP transfers from Ripple to Huobi continue. Data shared by the Bithomp analytics service shows that since May 5, the fintech giant has sent 6,679,600 tokens. Thus, in the last four days, Ripple has shifted 26.8 million XRP here. Last week, the daily amount of XRP sent to Houbi by the company reached 4,195,300 XRP.

After withdrawing 1 billion XRP from escrow on June 1, today Ripple has sent 900 million of this amount back into escrow. One hundred million tokens are left in Ripple’s wallet for further use. At the time of writing, XRP was ranked seventh on CoinMarketCap and was changing hands at $1.02 per token.


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