I might be the first business in India to start accepting DOGECOIN [Read]

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Hey there Hodlers! I am a photographer from New Delhi, India. (@unsettled_artist) on Instagram if you wanna check me out. Despite having achievements like being published in international publications the last year has been really tough on me. It doesn’t help that I am a 24 year old supporting a family of eight. (4 Hoomans and 4 Doges). I got in on doge investments in early April and even though I don’t have a lot in it, cause I couldn’t risk a lot of money, I have great hopes from the coin and this community. Despite the multiple dips, I have HODLED strong so far and I don’t plan to sell unless there’s an emergency which I hope doesn’t happen. To extend my gratitude to this community for giving me hope and giving me something to do in this lockdown , I am officially starting to accept dogecoin as a form of payment. I sell digital prints and I am keeping it simple. 5 Doges for one picture. Here’s my portfolio : [Behance.net/arnavkashyap](https://Behance.net/arnavkashyap) You can select any picture and connect with me on Instagram and I will email you the original picture in exchange for 5 Doges. I believe this is gonna be great fun and it is one step in the right direction towards making doge an acceptable form of payment in the world. Really hoping that I make some people happy with my art while making some DOGE. TO THE MOON!


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