ICT: Department of Information Systems and Technologies

What is Information Systems and Technologies Division (ICT)?

Department of Information Systems and Technologies; It aims to train experts in the development and application of mathematical models of processes and objects, mathematical techniques, software and tools to address science, technology, economics and management problems.

Students in these programs can learn how to use their knowledge of computer software and systems to design and repair software for companies, businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies. Some programs allow students to choose an emphasis such as software design, web programming, game design, forensics or information technology management.

ICT is known as the English abbreviation of information and communication technologies. This term, which left its mark on the 1980s, helps in the construction of the most important professions of the future. Information and communication technologies is a term that gathers the terms information technologies and communication technologies under one roof and emphasizes the relationship between these technologies. In the process of digital convergence that started in the 1980s, text, sound and image began to be processed digitally by computers.

Department of Information Systems and Technologies

What Do Information Systems and Technologies Graduates Do?

Graduates can solve problems of difficultly formalized tasks, creating object and process models, data mining, digital processing of multidimensional data, analyzing and synthesizing real-time and distributed information systems for decision support systems for the selection of platforms and tools for implementation. ICT graduates are thought to have a very difficult first year in their careers. However, in the years when you have ICT terms and all the requirements of the profession, you can find job opportunities in many important companies.

Especially ICT graduates can find job opportunities in many important technology giant companies such as Facebook, Google and Intel. Remember, no one can walk without crawling.

What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of Information Systems and Technologies?

Job opportunities for graduates of ICT department are quite high, just like other IT sector departments. Graduates;

  • In Software Companies,
  • In Private and State Banks,
  • Corporate Network Providers,
  • Artificial Intelligence Companies,
  • Game Companies,
  • In Corporate Companies

They can work in many fields, especially in the first place. Apart from all these, they can also make progress in the field of cyber security.

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