Friday, June 18

I’m new to this but can someone please explain what would happen to Dogecoin if Elon goes through with it. Thanks in advance


  • DogecoinForDummies

    Not to get anyone hopes up but it would be a major catalyst to bring the value of doge up, people love tesla!

  • KI2Ds

    It would have a very large cause of utility and a lot of Doge holders would buy a Tesla simply because everything he has done in favor of Doge.

    I think Elon knows a majority of this community is about unity and he’s all for the “You scratch my back, I scratch yours” kinda deal he could score with the community

    I could also be wrong tho. My % grade sophomore year for English was 3%. I’m not the brightest screwdriver in the bag of chips

  • No_Personality_5271

    I think it will sky rocket to at least 1$. Buying Tesla with doge at .50$ would be a discount until dogecoin reached 1 USD dollar!!!!!

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