Instagram apologizes to users with eating disorders

The social media network, which tried to offer more content to its users with the algorithms it used, had to apologize to its users with eating disorders.

The social media network, acquired by Facebook in 2012, has problems with the algorithms it uses to enable its users to meet content they are more interested in. The platform, which offers automatic words according to the actions of the users in the search with tags feature, has garnered reaction due to the appetite suppressants it offers to people with eating disorders.

According to the news prepared by the BBC, experts; He said that people with nutritional problems may experience problems again with such stimulating ingredients.

Instagram apologizes to users with eating disorders 2

Upon the emergence of the problem, a spokesperson made a statement by Facebook stating that it was a mistake and the problem was resolved.

“We recently launched a new search function on Instagram beyond hashtags and usernames to help you discover the content you are most interested in. As part of this new feature, we suggest topics you might want to search when you tap the search bar. These suggestions and the search results themselves are limited to general interests, and weight loss words should definitely not be one of them. ”

Instagram admits: we made a mistake

The ‘hiding likes’ update, which Instagram has been planning to bring for a while, has been tested on some users, but the number of people tested was increased due to a bug. Many people lost their likes, we made a mistake from Instagram.

The ‘hiding the number of likes’ update, which Instagram has been testing for about 2 years, has been applied to the majority of users due to an error. While the users whose number of likes were lost were investigating the reason for this, an explanation came from Instagram.

After the development, the following statements were used in the statement made by Instagram on Twitter;

“We are testing a new experience for hiding likes in feed posts. Today we inadvertently added more people to the test, and it was a mistake – we’re fixing this problem and restoring similar numbers to those people as soon as possible. “

Likes hidden by Instagram still cannot be viewed by many people. Since there is no official update, it is estimated that the number of likes may be viewed again in a short time.

Blocking methods in Instagram: How to block in Instagram, how to remove it?

Instagram apologizes to users with eating disorders 1

Users wonder how to unblock one of Instagram’s features. Blocking someone on the popular photo and video sharing application Instagram means to destroy all the likes and comments of that person. So how to unblock Instagram? How to block on Instagram? Here’s what you need to know …

First, let’s open the Instagram application.
Let’s get to the profile of the person you want to block.
Then, let’s click on (3 dots) (…) in the upper right corner.
We will see a screen like this:
We can now block the person by saying Block User.
After blocking the person, the person will definitely not be able to see or follow what we are sharing.


First of all, we will not do this with the Instagram application.
Let’s enter it from the browser of our device (Chrome, safari or android browser) as of the person you have enrolled).
Then, let’s log in to our profile on We are now able to use Instagram via the browser.
Then let’s open the person’s profile again and again click on (…) (3 dots) and say “Unblock this person”.
Then open the Instagram application and search for a person, now we can find or follow the person.


One of the most common questions is: what does a blocked person see on Instagram? Let’s briefly explain the answer to this question. Someone you block on Instagram will never be able to see your profile. It cannot see that you have blocked it, it can only guess. As a result, a person you block on Instagram will not receive any notification and see nothing related to the topic.


Blocking someone on Instagram is a method that we all use often. Sometimes lovers separate from each other, block each other, friends fight and block each other, we can actually show many reasons for this. However, the important point is, for example, after fighting friends want to unblock each other, the real problem starts here because it is very difficult to find a person you blocked in the Instagram app because you blocked that person, so you stated that you do not want to see it.