Instagram Tests Feature That Will Make The App a Link Slot

He gave a start for the new era in ‘scroll up’ on Instagram. Instagram is Testing the Feature to Make the App a Link Slot.

According to the decision made by Instagram today, a new test is being started to expand the link sharing feature in stories.

Instagram, one of the most frequently used social media platforms around the world, is testing a new feature that can make the application inaccessible from links. Within the scope of this feature, users will be able to leave a link to the stories they share in the form of stickers.

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We shared with you recently that Instagram, which is one of the first platforms that comes to mind when social media is mentioned, will feature the ability to upload photos from a computer. In addition, Instagram, which has become the subject of discussion due to the fact that it will use a feature that the vast majority complain about, is now in front of us with another feature.

Let’s say this feature isn’t a new feature, it’s just an effective change in the way it’s used. Instagram, which allows users to share links, will use a different method to do so. In this context, it seems that all users can share links in their stories.

Instead of the usual swipe up gesture, only the sticker will be touched

Normally, users could access the links you shared on Instagram by swiping up. To give an example on Webtekno, when you scroll up the stories you see on our Instagram account, you reach the relevant news. Since Instagram also performs the ability to reply to stories with the same gesture, you could not reply to the shared story, you were only directed to the relevant link.

Instagram Tests Feature That Will Make The App a Link Slot

With the method it is testing now, Instagram seems to aim to offer users the opportunity to both share links and receive replies to stories at the same time. The Instagram team states that it will be on guard against users who share links that lead to spam or malicious sites.

In addition, users who do not yet have the authority to add links to their stories may not be deprived of this feature. For those who don’t know, you need to either have a verified account or have at least 10,000 followers to add links to stories shared on Instagram.

As we said before, the feature is currently in the testing phase. In addition, as we said again, a security problem may arise from malicious people. Because we shared with you a fraud method originating from links on Instagram, and if you ignore it, you may get dizzy. You can share your comments about the feature with us in the comments section.