Intel 7nm Processors Final Release Date Announced

The release dates of Intel 7nm processors have finally been finalized. The net date of Intel 7nm processors, which came to the agenda with its postponement, has been officially announced.

The curious wait has finally begun with Intel giving a date for the 7nm Meteor Lake series. With the statements made by Intel, many technology enthusiasts and gamers will wait with excitement for the new chipset.

Intel, 7nm Meteor Lake series release date

Intel 7nm Processors Final Release Date Announced 2

Intel made announcements about the new steps to be taken and the strategies to be implemented at the conference. The most striking detail was the date for the Intel Meteor Lake series.

Intel, announcements about future and new investments coming from the conference. The company’s CEO talks about its model, its new system, its lineup, and Intel’s transition to the 7nm transition. As the most important part of the conference, the date was also given for the long Intel Meteor Lake series.

Someone who lost the last accommodation market to AMD. After the late steps, the company aims to be born again with the new.

The company, which has been hit by AMD in the desktop processor market in recent years, gave detailed information about its new trump card, the Meteor Lake series, at the conference. As AMD prepares to transition to the 5nm architecture next year, the new strategies announced seem promising, although the company is still far behind in this regard.

According to the new strategy announced by the company, investment will be made in chip production. The created production facility will provide chips both to the company itself and to its partners. This $20 billion investment is an important step towards overcoming key challenges in the company’s transition to 7nm. Because Intel plans to overcome manufacturing challenges by focusing on EUV production.

After all, Intel will complete the 7nm chip design this year and launch it in 2023. The desktop processor market will now also have the Intel Meteor Lake series. In addition, the Granite Rapids series developed for data centers will appear in the same year.

However, the new processor series we are talking about will not be the fruit of Intel’s new investment. Cores produced by external sources will be used in the two series that will be released in 2023. This shows us that the investment is actually long-term.

Intel 7nm Processors Final Release Date Announced 1

Intel’s 7 nm Processors delayed for another 6 months

7 nm processors, which Intel originally planned to launch in 2022, were subject to a 6-month delay for the second time. Thus, the release date of the processors was postponed for exactly one year, to 2023.

Giant technology company Intel gave bad news to its investors in its second quarter financial report published last year. The company announced in its financial report, which you can access from this link, that its plans for processors that will use 7 nm technology have been postponed for 6 months.

The target set for the transition to 7 nm processors with Intel’s latest decision comes 12 months behind with delays. With competitors such as AMD and NVIDIA switching to 7 nm technology in processors, Intel will continue to produce processors with 10 nm technology in the coming months.

Technology giant Apple, which will be the new rival of processor giants, announced in the past months that it will leave Intel’s processors and switch to ARM-based 7 nm processors that will be its own production. Considering all these developments, we can say that Intel is waiting for quite difficult times and competitors.

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