Interest in the Almighty Pigs NFT Collection grows

Written By Eleman

Interest in the Almighty Pigs NFT collection has started to rise again. There is a revival in the NFT collection, which emerged in 2021 and soon attracted the attention of nearly 10 thousand people.

The Almighty Pigs NFT collection, which found more than 208 investors among the NFT Collections and reached a sale of 3.7 ETH in Opensea, has attracted the attention of many new investors, even if they are small.

1000 Genesis Almighty Pigs are created on the Ethereum Blockchain to conquer the Oinkverse. Each Genesis Pig produces BOOM tokens to be used within the Almighty Ecosystem. 4000 Almighty Piglets coming from BOOM BOOM LAB as an utility.

Why are NFTs valuable?

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NFTs are digital certificates linked to unique digital assets that are recorded on a blockchain to verify their authenticity and allow recipients to confirm ownership. The value of an NFT comes from its uniqueness and allows digital artists to leverage their work. They cannot be copied, divided or modified and can represent almost anything, for example, from drawings in a video game to in-game currency. No two NFTs are alike, and this uniqueness and scarcity gives them value.

Berners-Lee designed and wrote the code while working in Switzerland between 1989 and 1991. Since he was working at CERN at the time, Berners-Lee, who made the source code available to the public for free, never became a billionaire like the leaders of other technology companies.

With the NFT world spreading rapidly, Berners-Lee thought someone might like a digitally signed version of the code, so he decided to put it up for sale as NFT.

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