Is the AMD HD 6790 a graphics card worth buying

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We share detailed information about AMD HD 6790’s full details and first test results. Is this old generation graphics Card AMD HD 6790 still worth buying today?

Being on the agenda with the Radeon HD 6990 model with dual graphics processors, AMD is preparing to announce the Radeon HD 6790 model, which we have been reporting for a while, on April 5, 2011, next Tuesday. The official documents of the Radeon HD 6790, which is prepared as a competitor to the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, which Nvidia has recently released, have been leaked.

Alongside the renamed Radeon HD 5700 series, it will be the lowest cost performance card AMD will release under the Radeon HD 6000 series. In the Radeon HD 6790 model, AMD includes the LE extension of the graphics processing unit codenamed Barts, which it used for the first time in the HD 6800 series, with some features clipped.

Full details and first test results of AMD HD 6790

AMD HD 6790 is still a graphics card with a legendary strong performance compared to its old years. It is a fact that the powerful processor and the leader of the old times, the graphics card is starting to get old towards the developing technology. There are still discussions about the HD 6790 being a product that we can call a buy.

According to AMD’s official documentation, the Barts LE GPU in the Radeon HD 6790 model contains 1.7 billion transistors, just like the Barts Pro in the HD 6850 and the Barts XT GPU in the HD 6870. This is an important detail because as it is understood, AMD has gone to create a new GPU by turning off some features in the current design instead of a new GPU design.

Although there is no application sample yet to be confirmed, it is believed that Radeon HD 6790 can be modded to Radeon HD 6850/6870 with BIOS update and/or some modifications. With 256-bit memory bus support and 1GB GDDR5 memory capacity, the HD 6790 is accompanied by 800x parallel processing units, 40x texture units and 16x ROPs.

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Radoen HD 6790, whose graphics processing unit works at 840MHz and memory at 4200MHz, consumes 19 Watts in standby and 150 Watts under load, according to the official document. Although it is seen as a cropped version of the Radeon HD 6850, the increased clock speeds have brought the HD 6790’s power consumption value to the HD 6870 level.

Before moving on to other details of the card, it is useful to underline an important detail about power consumption. Although it has not been officially confirmed yet, it is stated that the card, which will be launched on March 31st, has been moved to April 5 due to TDP optimizations. According to the suggested values, the HD 6790’s power consumption may have been reduced from 150 Watts to 115 Watts.

The texture filling performance is 33.6 GTexel/second, the pixel filling performance is 13.4 Gpixel/second, and the memory bandwidth of the card is 134.4 GB/second. Priced under $150 (claimed to be around $130), the Radeon HD 6790 is 30% faster than the GeForce GTX 550 Ti, according to AMD.

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AMD Radeon HD 6790 Are AMD Computer Graphics Cards For Sale?

Since AMD Radeon HD 6790 AMD Computer Graphics Cards are no longer produced today, the sales volume has decreased considerably. You may not even be able to purchase any of the HD 6790 products, including older generation versions. You can find second-hand Radeon products on platforms such as Ebay.

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