Istanbul Cultural Action Plan Revealed: Here is the First Information

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism decided to create a special “Cultural Action Plan” for Istanbul at the Istanbul Culture Workshop. With the steps to be taken within the scope of this plan, it will be ensured that the culture of Istanbul is kept alive and the mega city becomes much more popular.

According to a report in Sabah Newspaper, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism took action for Istanbul. In this context, ministry officials who started to formulate “Istanbul Cultural Action Plan” will try to prevent the loss of cultural values ​​of Istanbul with the steps they will take. It seems that both citizens, officials and social media phenomena will have to deal with the issue.

According to the information obtained on the subject, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues its studies on several main topics. The ministry officials who focus on different plans for Istanbul under these headings seem to implement these plans as soon as possible. However, it is currently unknown when these plans will come true.

The Istanbul Cultural Action Plan includes the following items:


The Istanbul Cultural Action Plan, brought to the agenda within the scope of the Istanbul Culture Workshop, plans to bring Hollywood-like movie stages to Istanbul. Within the scope of this plan, it will be ensured that world-famous films are shot in Istanbul. In addition, from now on, primary and secondary school students will see Istanbul lessons. In this course, students will be given cultural information about Istanbul. Professional members such as taxi drivers, minibus drivers and waiters in Istanbul will receive a special training for the city. In the meantime, people who move to Istanbul will also be guided.


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The Ministry of Culture and Tourism will also cooperate with social media phenomena regarding Istanbul. Within the scope of this cooperation, content related to Istanbul will be produced. On the other hand, Istanbul’s neighborhoods will come to the fore with their cultural values. Important names of Turkish literature will make it possible to understand which neighborhood has what kind of values. Moreover, as another stage of this work, new content will be produced about Istanbul and steps will be taken to keep Istanbul Identity alive.

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