Thursday, June 17

It’s funny how many millionaires and billionaires are trying to get Elon to start his own coin and stop promoting Doge the facts are we all know Elon is the CEO and we know he’s pulling the strings at dogecoin.


  • GreyHaredSmuck

    I am a huge advocate of doge- I am constantly promoting it. How is it that since I am a not a billionaire I am not considered the CEO, or the many others that bust their butts promoting it. Why is that a person, who happens to be rich can’t have the same fun we are having with the doge community. Because he is billion we have to put the weight of the world on him- We have to make him responsible for every decision people make? Seriously he puts his pants on the same way we do and his farts smell just as bad as ours

  • Reditdamnearkilledit

    Let’s not forget about the creators of Doge. The star player might make the headlines but it’s the team that makes it all possible. #dogelife

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