Thursday, January 6

I’ve been a Dogecoin skeptic, but am changing my mind. I think Tesla will start accepting Doge, which will be a huge catalyst.


Elon’s most recent Tweet has shaken the crypto market, and hinted at looking for a more energy efficient crypto. Here is a comparison chart:

Currency – Kilowatt hour (KWh) consumed per transaction

Nano – 0.00112 (kWh)

XRP – 0.0079 (KWh)

Dogecoin – 0.12 (KWh)

Cardano – 0.5479 (KWh)

Litecoin – 18.522 (KWh)

Bitcoin Cash – 18.957 (KWh)

Ethereum – 62.56 (KWh) for now…POS coming soon!

Bitcoin – 707 (KWh)


Honestly, this might happen.


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