Joe Biden seeks both economic and legal solutions with the EU

A critical call was made yesterday from the EU for the US to return to a nuclear deal with Iran. It was noteworthy that this call came after the historical agreement between Iran and China. “Westerners think that they can deceive the country with certain concessions to keep Iran away from China” took place in the Iran’s official broadcast Press TV.

There is pressure from the European Union (EU) for the United States to revert to the nuclear deal that former President Donald Trump withdrew on the allegation that “Iran is not fulfilling its commitments.” At the virtual meeting held yesterday, representatives of the EU member states parties to the agreement called for Washington to return to the Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (JCPOA), which it left in 2018.

High Representative Josep Borrell, Coordinator of JCPOA Joint Commission made a statement, “There are those who do not want the revival of JCPOA. We are trying to keep the agreement alive despite the withdrawal of the USA”. At the same time, Borrell, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said, “We hope that the EU will persuade the US to return to the nuclear deal and Iran to fully comply with nuclear responsibilities as envisioned.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also gave the message that “commitments will be fulfilled if the US returns to the agreement.” “We did not start this war. Even after this war was imposed on us, we continued to fulfill all our commitments based on the JCPOA for a full year. If the USA returns to JCPOA, Iran will return to its commitments. This is one for the region and the whole world.” It means win-win (win-win). The Americans did not understand this and they did not seize this golden opportunity, “he said.

It is known that the Joe Biden administration welcomes the idea of ​​returning to the agreement, to which Iran has committed to restricting uranium enrichment and to which EU countries are also a party. Tehran, on the other hand, stipulates the Biden administration that it will fulfill its deal commitments, provided that the US lifts its unlawful sanctions. However, Washington is not yet willing to back down from these sanction decisions. For this reason, there has been an initiative to comply with the EU-mediated agreement between the two countries for some time.

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On the other hand, it was noteworthy that the call from Brussels to Washington to “return to the agreement” came on 27 March after a 25-year historical agreement between Iran and China. The agreement that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif saw, “win-win”, includes the decision to increase bilateral trade and military cooperation between the two countries. In a news analysis published yesterday on Iran’s official channel Press TV, titled “The triple Iran-Russia-China alliance is growing enough to scare the US,” Westerners think they can deceive the country with certain concessions to keep Iran away from China. . “It was said.

“When the Iran nuclear deal is concluded, Biden, the vice president, expressed his willingness to return to the deal, but did not take concrete steps. Americans and Europeans think it will impose their old rational viewpoint on Iran, but wrong. Iran is one of the most stable regions in the heart of Asia. and its agreement with China, as well as its political and military agreements with Russia, show that a new structure has emerged. He thinks they can deceive the country. “


A warning message came from the Kremlin in the Ukraine crisis that broke out again between the USA and Russia. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov made a statement that “Russia will have to take extra steps if the US and NATO send troops to Ukraine due to the Donbass tension.” Commenting on the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s statement that the US promised to support Kiev in case the tension in Donbass escalates, Peskov said, “Kiev’s statement that US troops could be sent to the region is unacceptable.

The realization of such a scenario leads to an escalation of tension near the borders of Russia. Of course, this situation obliges the Russian side to take additional measures to ensure its security, “he said. When asked about what these measures could be, Peskov replied “Any measure deemed necessary” and said, “Unfortunately, the situation in the line of contact in Donbass is dreadful. The Ukrainian army has provoked many, not a few,” he said.