Thursday, June 17

Just unsubbed from r/dogecoin, the community was getting annoying and this karmawhoring was just too far (dog was originally pictured, I decided to crop him out).


  • The_Red_Dumbass

    My sad crying dog is sitting with my mother who’s dying from cancer…. Well who cares? I just want to snap a pic and post it to reddit for some karmarinos

  • RedSpyOfficial

    The sub became a cult. Almost every single meme or post is a repost or karmawhoring. It’s basically done

  • noob_master-69--

    Yea I got into dogecoin way before the sub blew up and it was a trend but the sub is pure garbage now. Instead of actual posts with information on the coin it’s the same “who’s holding!!!” posts 1000 times a day. All the memes are reposted to death and they circlejerk elon like hes Jesus or something. Overall a super annoying place to be, I like dogecoin but man it’s hard to defend that sub.

  • Ed_Brock_Jr

    Isn’t the subreddit about the cryptocoin only, I do feel bad for OP but the post has nothing to with dogecoin

  • court_0f_law

    I unsubbed from stock/crypto communities in general, subbed in January when the whole Wall Street thing happened just to see what it was about but the communities are just too annoying. If I heard TO THE MOON one more time I was going to lose it.

  • AZS9994

    Yeah, reddit seems to be overwhelmed with karma-whoring lately. The worst offenders are the pet subs. Every day I see something like “Mr. Bagels has crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a good boy” and it’s like goddamn. I don’t want to tell people how to grieve and my condolences go out to them, but it happens so often that it’s like “Okay, you know what you’re doing”.

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