Keanu Reeves will serve as a consultant to a foundation that aims to help artists with NFT

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Keanu Reeves will act as an expert to an establishment that plans to assist specialists with NFT. Keanu Reeves, the effective entertainer, who is recalled particularly for his job as Neo in The Matrix series, is an intimately acquainted name with the computerized world. Reeves, who marked one of the most essential characters of the digital world with the personality of Neo, proceeded with his reality in this world by showing up as a person in the Cyberpunk 2077 game as of late. It appears to be that Reeves will likewise be a piece of this world, the impending MetaVerse, in the approaching period.

Keanue Reeves, who has not been extremely sure about NFTs previously, appears to have changed his position on this issue. Reeves and his accomplice, Alexandra Grant, will coach NFT and an establishment called the Futureverse Foundation, which centers around the computerized expressions at MetaVerse.

Keanu Reeves NFT deal

Keanu Reeves will serve as a consultant to a foundation that aims to help artists with NFT

It seems like Keanu Reeves might have had a shift in perspective around NFTs. In December, the entertainer was sent into chimes of giggling after my associate Alex Heath got some information about the possibility of computerized shortage and advanced collectibles. Reeves remarked that advanced things are effortlessly recreated.

Presently, however, he’s joined a venture from Non-Fungible Labs, going about as a consultant for a program called the Futureverse Foundation, which means to get to the next level “the computerized and actual universes through the help of different craftsmen and imaginative networks.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, that includes acquainting conventional specialists with NFTs and subsidizing their endeavors.

The Futureverse Foundation says its main goal is to help artists transfer their work to the digital world as NFT or create directly for this world and sell it on MetaVerse. How the foundation plans to do this has not been clearly explained for now. However, it seems that Reeves and Grant will also have a share in determining the Futureverse Foundation’s roadmap. The couple will advise the foundation and share their views on how they should go about NFT and MetaVerse.

Reeves did not comment on this collaboration. However, his partner, Alexandra Grant, used the following statements on the subject:

“I think the Futureverse Foundation is a proposition. If we have the opportunity to create a new economy for cultural trade, how do we do it? The partnership between the art world, Hollywood and tech world is something new for all of us to think about.”

It seems that Keanu Reeves has not completely changed his mind about NFT, but at least he was convinced that there was a better way to do it, and he decided to enter this world himself in order to make it happen.

NFTs and chat to Keanu Reeves

Unfortunately, despite Reeves’ purported intentions with the foundation he’s helped set up, some people online remain disappointed by the news. Others seem to have missed the point entirely, viewing Reeves’ involvement in the new foundation as “jump[ing] on the NFT bandwagon,” so to speak. They seem painfully oblivious of the charitable nature of Reeves’ entrance to the space.

Over at Forbes, Dani Di Placido wrote about “pyramid schemes” and the desire to ensure “that there’s a constant supply of fresh victims, primed to buy into the ever-expanding scam.” Yes, the great scam that is charity.

Meanwhile, some users have also pointed out that Reeves himself laughed off the concept of NFTs during an interview during Matrix: Resurrections’ press tour. So what could have possibly changed his mind on the subject? Well, to begin with, Reeves wasn’t laughing at the idea of using NFTs for charity. Rather, Alex Heath asked him about the idea of digital scarcity and digital collectibles. Reeves laughed and noted that digital items are easily reproduced.

Or perhaps, as one person who responded to our initial tweet on the subject suggested, he may have finally “talk[ed] to the correct person to understand what [the community is] building together.” In any case, Reeves started working with NFTs to promote charitable contributions. So it’s rather hard to see why the world is so upset.

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