Thursday, January 6

Keep spreading this to all dogecoin hodlers


Keep spreading this to all dogecoin hodlers


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  • DisastrousWolf6273

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing this. This needs to be shared again and again!

  • SoManyReeces

    There’s no proof that Barry Silbert has control over the wallet, pure speculation… its more likely that people just sold before SNL like they were saying all over social media (I’m waiting until SNL then cashing out)

  • Cryptopoz

    Coinbase is holding my .06 of ethereum for months. I’m still waiting for their no customer service to help me get my money out. 🙄

  • Phanomeo

    I just converted 2 ethers to ether 2.0 with 6%apr. now I can not touch it till 2024… my greedy face

  • GreenDreamsAllDay

    Go to coinbase, watch a few videos, you can earn $40 in free “other guy” coins. Dump them and buy doge on a different platform. Doge dip for everyone!
    Correction, looks like CB recently changed their incentive program. You can get $10 in BTC if u refer a friend. $10 each, dump, buy doge on a different platform

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