Thursday, January 6

Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank host : “I don’t care if it goes down $20,000 or up $20,000. I’m not selling it. One bitcoin is one bitcoin. I’m in it for the long run.” “Nothing Will Replace Bitcoin”.

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Kevin O’Leary, Shark Tank host : “I don’t care if it goes down $20,000 or up $20,000. I’m not selling it. One bitcoin is one bitcoin. I’m in it for the long run.” “Nothing Will Replace Bitcoin”.


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    tldr; Shark Tank host Kevin O’Leary, who recently allocated 3% of his portfolio to Bitcoin, has no plans to sell his coins anytime soon. O’Leary believes that 2021 is a pivotal year for Bitcoin as more and more institutions are looking to enter the space but are wary of energy consumption concerns. He also believes that more institutions will come on board once the ESG issues of bitcoin mining are resolved.{}

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  • CyberPunkMetalHead

    “Nothing will replace Bitcoin” – not shitting on Bitcoin but it’s pretty obsolete tech.
    Surely for utilities’ sake it will end up being replaced by a faster chain with lower fees.

    Edit: how about you explain how it isn’t before you downvote?

  • Bet-Scary

    Bitcoin will be dethroned from #1 but replaced as the first crypto made, sure it can always hold on to that.

  • EGarrett

    First they ignore it, then they mock it, then they buy some, then they read about it, then they fall quiet, then they show up a few months later praying at the temple.

  • ezelkind

    What if: we don’t care what these rich assholes think?

    Bitcoin survived without them, so we don’t need them now.

  • coconut_dodger

    read: please pump my bags so i can dump them on you

    how can anyone trust this sociopathic capitalist

  • Grapefruit_Cultural

    Guy finally shilling btc. Never thought id see the day the way he talked about it before

  • The_Chorizo_Bandit

    If “nothing will replace bitcoin” then crypto is a dead duck. Given how long ago bitcoin was created and the limits of the tech at the time, there really *should* be something that replaces bitcoin, something that does things better.

    Thankfully, I think old Kevin doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as there are many projects out there already that have better features and use cases, so bitcoin should be surpassed one day. That’s not to say bitcoin won’t survive and stay strong, just that something else with more utility and everyday usage will become mainstream and more widely adopted.

  • General_Asleep

    He own some of the worst performing ETFs. I wouldn’t take investment advice from him. You can also look at his jeopardy participation to see that mosf of you are probably sharper than he is.

  • 420blazeit69nubz

    I don’t trust this guy. He spouted about how it was bullshit then drastically changed his mind. For that reason, I’m out.

    Edit: it’s a shark tank joke people. People can change their minds I got it

  • bookworm010101

    the key for all of these people is it is such a small.portion of thwir wealth. it really means nothing.

  • Mr_Monstro

    Guaranteed a short is going down. All this news of massive amounts of buys and acceptance, and the price is at its lowest point in 3 months.

  • robinhood1596

    You are rich and have influence. You don’t have Bitcoin, so you shit on it to dump the price. Then you buy. Then you praise it, saying you will never sell and pump the price. Then you sell. Fuck this guy. He did exactly that.

  • idonthaveacoolname13

    He’s still a piece of shit that advocates for huger government and vaccine passports.

  • misunderstandingit

    Crazy to see all the hate on Kevin in this thread.

    I mean, come on! This guy is one of the only billionaires I actually like!

  • dildosandwhiches

    Nothing will replace bitcoin? I can think of serveral coins that do more, faster, cheaper, and scalable.

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