Leonardo DiCaprio’s Earth Alliance Receives Donation From NFT Auction



It has been announced that the famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio will receive donations from the NFT auction of Earth Alliance.

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With directors like Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL), James Cameron, Robert Rodrigez, Mad Max: The Fury Road, Justice League, Deadpool etc. He is a famous film composer who has worked on soundtracks for movies. He is also famous for making music for games like The Matrix, Need for Speed, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

Holkenborg plans to create a musical score that lasts 20+ minutes, which will create a personalized audio adventure for the auction winner, according to the statement. It was shared that it will do this as an NFT on the Tezos-based AmplifyX platform.

Music of Life

The project will be called “The Soundtrack Of Your Life”. In this NFT, important parts of the auction winner’s life will take place at his own will.

The auction will take place on Wednesday, June 16. Major financial institutions are expected to participate in the auction.

10% of the profits from the auction will be donated to Lenardo DiCaprio’s Earh Alliance. The Earth Alliance organization operates with the aim of raising awareness and taking action on the climate crisis in the world.