Thursday, May 26

Manchester City Works With NEM (XEM) to Release NFT Collection


manchester city

Manchester City, one of the English Premier League teams, announced its plan to release an NFT to commemorate the EFL title.

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City joined the NFT frenzy with the help of Riyad Mahrez and Sir Kenny Dalglish. In addition to the EFL championship, the club also managed to reach the happy ending in the Premier League.

The collection named “1” consists of a series of digital artworks to be released at MakersPlace. Some of the proceeds will be donated to the city of Manchester. Mahrez and Dalglish worked with the NEM (XEM) Group to create the collection with the club. Dalglish used the following statements on the subject.

“NFTs give fans the chance to collect unique moments from the careers of their favorite players and provide athletes with a brand new way to reward their most loyal supporters.

Mahrez and Dalglish are also working with the NEM Group to create their own NFTs.