Mercedes-AMG GLE Edition 55 appeared in 6 different versions

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Mercedes-AMG GLE Edition 55 appeared in 6 different versions, 53, 63 and 63 S models are available in both coupe and standard body types.

In 2022, many automakers are celebrating their anniversary. First, it was time for its arch-rival Mercedes-Benz to celebrate 50 years of the BMW M wing. The company introduced 6 special GLE Series models named “Edition 55” for the 55th anniversary of AMG. With the 55, 63 and 63 S configurations, the company has added some changes to traditional SUVs.

Dating back to the 1980s, the GLE Edition 55 has a retro look with Obsidian black body color and Diamond white door handle colors. 22-inch wheels with six-spoke cross-spoke design and matte gray finish also add a big difference to the vehicle.

Mercedes AMG GLE Edition 55 appeared in 6 different versions 7

All 55th anniversary GLE Series models come with the AMG Night Pack add-on. Thanks to this package, many chrome parts of the vehicle will appear in black in front of users. In addition, vehicles with tinted windows and black chrome-plated quad exhaust tips also have a chrome-plated fuel tank cap with AMG lettering.

Whatever the version, the Edition 55 hosts a living space finished in black and red with the red illuminated AMG logo on the stainless steel door sills. On the floor mats, among other models, the 55th year is emphasized with a red embroidery. Nappa leather upholstery, which also extends to the center console and door cards as standard on the 63 S and optionally available on the 63 and 53, raises the bar.

Orders are already being accepted for Mercedes-AMG, GLE Edition 55. Orders will be received by the end of 2022. Depending on the Mercedes-Benz GLE you order, you can have these features by paying an extra fee of between €5,950 and €13,090. In addition, for customers who order this version, the German manufacturer also offers a cover with the AMG logo in the interior.

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Dark Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Dips Its Huge Forgiato Toes In Joyful, Yellow Touches

Some of the time, you could be an Emerald Green Mercedes-AMG nevertheless seem to be unadulterated evil in view of the custom TopCar INFERNO full body unit. Different times, a possibly killed out GLE 53 clothing shuns becoming threatening thanks to cautious, halfway plunging in an ostentatious variety.

The Los Angeles, California-based, produced wheel specialists over at Forgiato Designs have web-based entertainment revealed one more delicious form that shuns appropriate portrayal. Notwithstanding the sprinkles of radiant variety, this AMG might have effortlessly joined the gigantic killed out Mercedes-Benz/AMG/Maybach party occurring all over America.

Mercedes AMG GLE Edition 55 appeared in 6 different versions 5

Unfortunately, one can’t connect this ride with something threatening when yellow represents positive thinking, energy, bliss, satisfaction, and kinship. Obviously, we can’t rest assured which of these happy properties were generally pursued by the proprietor. All we know is the Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 Coupe was completely revised by Dipped Auto Works, “a car customization shop in Las Vegas having some expertise in full vehicle changes.”

The ride went through a large group of “significant final details,” complete with a full-vehicle chrome erase, the expansion of tailor made crossbars, a tweaked exhaust look, and the obligatory paint revision in addition to fired paint security covering. Last, however not least, the significant works of art are neither the shut down brake calipers nor the yellow-and-dark grille/identifications. All things considered, those future the garish, matching-two-tone Forgiato wheels, obviously.

Mercedes AMG GLE Edition 55 appeared in 6 different versions 6

Really awful the post-retail outlets didn’t permit a sneak look inside the cockpit, too, yet maybe the inside has been left in stock condition and just stowed away from meddlesome eyes through the security colored glass. However, one thing is without a doubt: this AMG not just hangs out in that frame of mind out swarm. Be that as it may, it will likewise leave in a dust storm a great deal of potential opponents on account of its 435-drive powertrain and 4Matic+ capacities, boss among them being the capacity to arrive at 62 mph/100 kph in 5.3 seconds.

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