Michael Saylor Evaluates Bitcoin’s (BTC) Situation Against Competing Digital Assets


saylor 2

Famous Bitcoin (BTC) bull Michael Saylor talked about the situation of other digital assets versus Bitcoin.

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Saylor said in a CNN interview that there is no entity in history that has grown and failed as much as Bitcoin. Saylor added that Bitcoin was more dominant before different competitors emerged.

“There is no other network that has achieved such great success and has grown so much in just a few years. You could guess that Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple would be successful by 2010 because they already dominated their markets. Bitcoin is more dominant today than when any of these companies started operations. “

Saylor also believes that Bitcoin’s underlying technology and architecture gives it an unrivaled edge over any other crypto or financial product.

“If what you want to do is save money and keep it going to your grandchildren, then you need something solid. Proof-of-work architecture is by far the best architecture for designing something that will be decentralized and secure, and maintain its integrity over long periods of time.