Microsoft Finally Updates Remaining Application Icons from Windows 95

Microsoft Announces It Will Update Application Icons From Windows 95. Microsoft announced that it will update the old pictures remaining in Windows 10.

Microsoft updates some icons with modern versions, which are from the Windows 95 era, but survive even in Windows 10. Updated icons are expected to be available to users with the major Windows 10 update to be released in the second half of the year.

It’s no secret that Microsoft will focus on design refresh in the next major Windows 10 update. In fact, the company had already changed the icons of a bunch of system apps such as File Explorer, folder, Recycle Bin as part of this visual “rejuvenation”. However, it seems that we will encounter more icon changes in the near future.

Microsoft Finally Updates Remaining Application Icons from Windows 95

Windows Latest stated that Microsoft replaced some Windows 95 icons such as hibernation, network connection, memory, floppy disk with new and modern versions as part of the shell32.dll file in the Windows 10 preview versions.

Microsoft’s new and old icons

As we can compare from the screenshots above, Microsoft is aware that some Windows icons are too old-fashioned and plans to change this situation with the update it will publish. Yes, you will no longer see Windows asking for a floppy drive when you open Device Manager to update a driver.

It has been known that Microsoft has been working on a visual overhaul for Windows 10 for a while. Microsoft has not shared any details about the design update, codenamed Sun Valley, so far, but we can expect to see some of these changes with the Windows 10 21H2 update to be released in October.

As we mentioned above, Microsoft has made only a few minor icon changes in Windows 10 so far. The Sun Valley update will provide a more comprehensive design update with the new File Explorer, oval application windows and an updated start menu. We can expect to learn more about Sun Valley at the Microsoft Build conference later this month.