Microsoft signs a $ 21.3 billion contract to sell Augmented Reality glasses to the US military

It has been announced that the American technology giant Microsoft will sell $ 21.3 billion worth of Augmented Reality technology glasses to the US army within 10 years. Under the agreement, Microsoft will produce more than 120,000 HoloLens glasses for the US military.

It has been announced that the glasses that allow users to see holograms superimposed on real environments will be produced in the USA.

Microsoft’s shares gained 3 percent after the announcement of the deal.

What is Augmented Reality technology?

Augmented Reality (AR) is different from Virtual Reality (VR). In this technology, an environment that does not exist as in virtual reality is not created, instead, graphics are superimposed on real environments.

HoloLens glasses are currently sold for $ 3,500.

These glasses are used by integrating with the software applications of the enterprises.

Architecture firms, hospitals, universities, and automotive companies are also among the wearers of the glasses. The American Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) also uses these glasses.

Microsoft has been working with the US military for the past two years for military versions of HoloLens as part of the Integrated Augmented Reality System (IVAS) project at the time of prototyping the glasses.

The company announced that the US military has entered the production phase of the project. In Microsoft’s statement, it was stated that these glasses “will increase the safety and efficiency of the soldiers”.

Microsoft employees: Weapon projects canceled

“This program strengthens situational awareness in different scenarios, allows information sharing and aids decision-making processes,” the statement said. It was said.

Microsoft signed a $ 480 million deal with the US military for the IVAS program in 2018.

Following this agreement, at least 94 Microsoft employees petitioned for the cancellation of the contract and abandonment of weapon technology development.