Mike Novogratz To Invest $100 Million In Cryptocurrency


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Famous Bitcoin (BTC) bull Mike Novogratz will invest $100 million in crypto-based projects through his crypto venture firm.

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Malta-based Cryptology Asset Group, co-founded in 2018 by Mike Novogratz and his business partner Christian Angermayer, is an investment firm for blockchain and crypto-related businesses in Europe.

In its report, the company announced for the first time its readiness to support crypto venture funds and businesses globally by focusing on funds, emerging executives and investments in eGP shares.

Novogratz, who holds 85% of his wealth, which is worth billions of dollars, in crypto money, also founded the wealth management company Galaxy Digital in 2018. It is stated that the company manages $ 1.5 billion dollars.

According to Cryptology CEO Patrick Lowry, the company’s crypto support efforts are in line with the trend towards cryptocurrencies. The company has increased its capital from $33 million to $540 million in the last three years.

The Bitcoin bull has spent the last six years trying to get investors into crypto. In a recent interview, Novograrz said it is important to provide easier ways for investors to enter the industry.

“This is more than a financial game. It’s a revolution. The more people we can bring, the better. There are many investors who will be exposed to our space for the first time through publicly traded stocks. This is what they’re used to. That’s what they’re comfortable with.”

Angermeyer also explained his thoughts on the subject:

“We are at the very beginning of the crypto revolution and we strive to be one of the leading global investors in this very new asset class. Our fund investment strategy will focus on emerging talent by taking a global approach and will include funds investing in crypto assets and tokens as well as funds investing in stocks of both crypto and blockchain related companies.”


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