Netflix Documentary The Subject of Social Dilemma and The Unknown Face of Social Media

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In recent years, many people around me have told me that I should watch the Netflix original documentary “Social Dilemma.”

I had the opportunity to watch this documentary in 2021. Social Dilemma, which includes the discourse of former employees of Google, Facebook, Instagram (acquired by Facebook), Twitter and Youtube (acquired by Google), some of the leading companies in Silicon Valley, with whom I work closely (some of them are Facebook’s first investors, Facebook’s revenue manager, developers of Facebook Like and YouTube recommendation platform) is a documentary with really important messages based on the thoughts of the activists. criticizes past work and negativities. and the manipulative impact of technology on society.

Social Dilemma Netflix

Netflix Documentary The Subject of Social Dilemma and The Unknown Face of Social Media

Social media has become the common addiction of almost all humanity. Social media channels and applications that entered our lives a few years ago have turned into things we cannot give up. In fact, we are now at such a point that some of us live only to be noticed on social media.

Social media has become a part of our daily lives. We spend most of our time on social media trying to keep up with trends. In fact, we sometimes tend to show ourselves differently on social media than we really are.

Although social media, which has entered our lives with the age of technology and internet, is beneficial in terms of communication and information, social media actually has a dangerous side.

Netflix’s documentary Social Dilemma, which is popular all over the world, deals with this issue. The documentary, directed by Jeff Orlowski, lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The documentary includes a series of interviews with people who previously worked for major social media giants such as Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Google. These names tell us about the impact of social media on people.

If we come to the subject of the Social Dilemma documentary; The documentary changes the viewer’s perspective on social media by focusing on the negative impact of social media on people.

There are many details in the documentary, from how social media platforms turn people into “puppets” and make them addicted to the algorithm of the ads that appear before us. Moreover, these are told by people working in high-level positions on social media platforms.

Social Dilemma highlighted facts

Let’s take a few steps back before we move on to the featured posts in Social Dilemma. I would like to share with you a few examples that I always mention in the introduction to my lectures at universities on the subjects mentioned in the documentary.

In 2015, Stanford University researcher Dr. Michal Kosinski shared his results in a press release as follows: “Algorithms now perceive your personality traits better than your friends”… According to Kosinski’s research, artificial intelligence can make more accurate inferences about you, let alone. your close friends are even better than your spouse. .

This is because computer algorithms can perform a detailed analysis by scanning the comments, likes and content you are interested in on social media. With the ever-evolving artificial intelligence and machine learning, computers have significant advantages over humans in personality analysis.

Advanced computers analyze large amounts of historical data with the right algorithms and make much more accurate analyzes to make sense of the psychology that the person does not reflect. As a result, by analyzing just 10 likes we can predict the user’s personality more accurately than a colleague, while with 70 likes we can predict an ordinary friend or roommate; From a family member who received 150 likes; and with 300 likes, he can get better results than his partner. Of course, it is worth noting that the analysis is made not only in terms of likes, but also by considering people’s past shares, demographic information, friends, shares, followers and subscriptions, and a very detailed digital trace is left. are taken into account.

Netflix Series Social Dilemma, Facebook Incident

Facebook spewed outrage at the streaming giant, saying that Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma had nothing to do with reality and was shot for sensationalism.

Netflix’s new documentary, The Social Dilemma, sparked controversy about the effects of social media on our lives and mental health, and Facebook has finally officially joined the debate. The company said the documentary “buried the real issue in sensationalism,” with its publication titled “Social Dilemma What’s Wrong” on its website.

Rather than offering a nuanced view of technology, the production “offers a distorted view of social media platforms as scapegoats for complex societal problems,” Facebook wrote. Instead, they use comments from people who haven’t been inside for many years.”

Facebook also says it doesn’t see users as products, as alleged in the production: “Facebook is funded by ads and therefore remains free for people (use).”

The firm also advocates for its algorithms, noting that Facebook’s technology makes the platform useful, pointing to other companies using algorithms like Netflix, saying: “Creating algorithms as ‘crazy’ is good material for conspiracy theory documentaries, but the truth is far less fun.”

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